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Must-Have Airbnb Cleaning Supplies

Whether you’re a vacation rental host who’s cleaning their own property, or if you’re hiring a professional cleaner, it’s key to know what supplies are needed to make your Airbnb sparkle. Not only will this help avoid any last-minute trips to the store, but it will also ensure that the property is fully ready for the next guests.

by The Turno Team

Airbnb Cleaning Supplies: The Essentials

Much like a mechanic’s toolbox, each cleaner’s supply kit will vary. The following supply list is a starting point to expand upon as you determine more specific items to fit your needs.

Top supplies to clean your Airbnb rental include:

  • Vacuum
  • Mop (traditional or Swiffer type)
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Toilet brush
  • Duster
  • Wood polish

You may choose to store these supplies at your property so that guests can easily clean up spills or other messes made during their stay. If you prefer to not implement Airbnb guest cleaning expectations, these basic supplies are crucial for completing thorough turnovers.

Top Airbnb Cleaning Supplies by Room

Once you have your essential supplies stocked, you may choose to invest in additional cleaning tools and equipment to help make vacation rental cleaning more efficient and effective. Below, learn some of our top Airbnb cleaning supplies for each room of your property.

Best Tools for the Bathroom

Airbnb bathrooms collect dust, hair, and other dirt and bacteria. It’s imperative to clean your bathrooms with the utmost attention to detail. No guest after a long day of travel wants to step into a shower or tub with grime and soap scum.

stylish bathroom sink next to amber glass bottles and natural soap

OXO Deep Clean Brush Set

Since most bathrooms have tiles on the floor and/or in the shower, tackling the grout is a must while cleaning. The OXO Deep Clean Brush comes in a set of two, a large brush and a small brush. The bristles are perfect for handling grout in the bathroom and stovetops in the kitchen.

Pair it with The Pink Stuff miracle cleaning paste to fully remove dirt or grime from any surface. The Pink Stuff uses all-natural, vegan ingredients, so there is also no worry about harsh chemicals while you clean.

Castile Soap is eco-friendly and good for guests who are sensitive to scents or have allergies. This alternative cleaning agent is great to use within the bathroom, and your guests will appreciate having a fresh-scented bathroom that isn’t overwhelming.

Sprayway Glass Cleaner

Bathroom mirrors attract streaks and water stains with each guest’s stay, and Sprayway Glass Cleaner is the perfect product to achieve that sparkling reflection. Although the product says “glass cleaner,” the ammonia-free spray is perfect for mirrors as well.

This product is also helpful to clean windows and screens on TVs and computers, so use this product in every room of your short-term rental. Pair it with a microfiber cloth to minimize the chances of getting any lint or streaks on the surfaces you’re cleaning.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is perfect for erasing built-up grime on bathtubs and shower walls. To use a Magic Eraser, just soak it in water and it’s good to go for tackling any surface.


Paying attention to small details like clogged drains will only benefit you. Drano can be used for the sink and shower drain. It is a great product to help remove hair, mildew build-up, and more.  


Mirrors, showers, and tiles should be cleaned with a squeegee. This cleaning tool eliminates streaks and collects excess water or soap. Also, it will save you time and money from having to launder multiple rags or microfiber cloths per clean.

Best Tools for the Kitchen

Many travelers opt for vacation rentals because they have kitchens, but Airbnb kitchens can easily become dirty from cooking and eating. The cleaning supplies below are versatile and can also be used beyond this room in the house.

modern and stylish kitchen with white cabinets and countertops

Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Scour Pads

For scrubbing countertops and stoves, Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Scour Pads make the job a lot easier and are effective on many types of surfaces.

Lambswool Duster

A lambswool duster is useful for reaching the tops of high cabinets and the refrigerator to get rid of dust or cobwebs. This particular type of duster is recommended because the heads are washable, reusable, and easy to keep clean.

Vacation rental hosts or cleaners can also use a lambswool duster to clear out the dust on window blinds and ceiling fans — making it easy to clean your rental property from top to bottom.

Easy Off Oven Cleaner

If the Airbnb you are cleaning has an oven and stove, invest in a good oven cleaner. You’ll want to purchase a cleaner and degreaser. Fortunately, Easy Off Oven Cleaner can clean and degrease at an affordable price. This product will eliminate wasted time trying to scrub and then degrease the oven and stove. 

Counter Top Cleaner 

Quartz and Granite are the most common Airbnb kitchen countertops. These cleaners and polishes also help protect the countertop from stains or dullness. Your clients will appreciate the thoughtfulness of helping them maintain their property value. Thus, increasing your value as their cleaner. 

Best Tools for Bedrooms and Living Areas

Of course, you’ll want to be sure to dust the furniture in your Airbnb bedrooms and living room, as well as sanitize high-touch surfaces like light switches and remote controls. One of the trickier things to clean in these rooms, however, is the flooring. Learn some of our top picks for cleaning carpets and hardwood floors.

vacation rental living room with brown leather couch, plants, and boho inspired decor

Bissell Deep Cleaner

Got stubborn stains on the carpet? The Bissell Little Green ProHeat Corded Handheld Deep Cleaner easily handles tough stains guests may have left on the carpet. Equipped with a 48-ounce tank and different hose options, it also tackles stains on furniture, keeping your entire rental clean.

Looking for a Bissell Cleaner that also tackles pet stains? Check out the Bissell Little Green Pet Pro Corded Deep Cleaner.

Dyson V11 Pro

When it comes to quick cleaning, nothing can beat the Dyson V11 Pro, as it has twice the suction of other vacuum cleaners on the market. And since this device is cordless, reaching far corners and tight spaces in your vacation rental will be a breeze.

The Dyson V11 Pro has 120 minutes of charge and can easily switch between different types of floors. The best part? It comes with an extra filter and battery to ensure maximum efficiency.

Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop

To attain that “sparkling clean” look on tile or hardwood, the Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop is the best fit. The steam mop not only scrubs away dried-up grime but also sanitizes hardwood floors, killing 99.9% of germs.

The steam mop also comes with fragrance disks, releasing a fresh scent into the room while you clean.

What to Consider When Choosing Airbnb Cleaning Supplies

You may have several turnovers a week, meaning you’ll likely go through cleaning supplies fairly quickly. Not to mention, with so many guests coming in and out, you’ll want to ensure that your products are providing the ultimate cleaning and germ protection.

Below, we discuss what to consider when selecting cleaning supplies for your Airbnb. Of course, you may rely on your professional cleaning service to supply the right products to keep your property spotless. Still, it’s important to speak with your cleaners to make sure they’re using high-quality supplies that check all your boxes.


First and foremost, you want your Airbnb cleaning supplies to be effective at eliminating bacteria and dirt. Especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic, your disinfecting products should be able to kill various types of common microbes and do so quickly.

No Rinsing Required

For many products to work optimally, they must sit on the surface you’re cleaning for several minutes. But ideally, you shouldn’t have to rinse your products off of shower walls or countertops at all.

This can save you valuable time as you’re preparing your property for the next set of guests. There may be times when you have to reset your vacation rental in only a couple of hours. With no-rinse products, you can spray and forget — and have confidence that they’re thoroughly cleaning your home.


Many hosts and guests alike prefer non-toxic, all-natural, or organic products for cleaning. You may opt for these types of products to get your property dirt-, dust-, and germ-free without harsh chemicals. That said, you’ll want to be sure that these “green” cleaning supplies are effective.

make your Airbnb luxurious


Your favorite cleaning products must be affordable and consistently in stock. If your top supplies are always unavailable at your local grocery store or online — or if they’re not cost-effective — it may be time to look for something more accessible.


Having fewer products means less to store at your property or lug around for when it’s time to complete a turnover cleaning. Finding cleaning solutions that can sanitize various surfaces, such as glass, laminate, and steel, makes for a more efficient and convenient cleaning process.

Delight Guests With a Sparkling Clean Rental

Of course, a clean short-term rental benefits guests looking for a relaxing and enjoyable traveling experience. Cleanliness is also critical for hosts, however. A thoroughly cleaned vacation rental leads to higher guest satisfaction and more 5-star reviews.