Vacation Rental Protection

Find out how to protect your vacation rental property and business.

Just like with any business, Airbnb hosts, owners, and property managers must take certain steps to ensure their assets are protected.

Vacation rental protection includes more than just insurance — it may also include investing in accounting support, screening guests before accepting bookings, and understanding Airbnb regulations.

Airbnb Accounting

Accounting and taxes for Airbnb are something that hosts must keep in mind as they run their businesses. In some cases, bookkeeping and Airbnb tax documents are best handled by a professional. Learn what kind of accounting support and vacation rental accounting software to invest in as an Airbnb host.

Airbnb Protection for Hosts

Running an Airbnb can be an exciting and lucrative venture, but there are several things hosts must keep in mind to protect themselves, their properties, and their businesses. Before opening up their short-term rental, hosts must abide by any Airbnb regulations and laws in their area. Additionally, once their business is up and running, hosts should think about guest screening.

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