Inventory Management

Hosts receive notifications when specific inventory items are running low or empty. Toiletries, linens, and other amenities will always be organized and in stock for every booking. When hosts and cleaners keep properties adequately stocked, they’re prepared for any guest and play an active role in helping guests have positive experiences worthy of 5-star reviews.

  • Keep Track of Inventory

    Turno makes it simple to stay on top of restocking the essentials with the inventory feature. Hosts can easily customize the list of amenities they want checked during turnovers.

  • Customize Item Quantity

    Hosts can choose a precise or estimated threshold for when they want to be notified of missing inventory. Hosts can also request specific inventory quantity updates from cleaners.

  • Get Instant Notifications

    Cleaners can check off a host’s designated inventory one by one and report items that are out of stock or running low. Hosts get notified of the missing amenities instantly for easy replenishing.

  • Avoid Extra Trips

    Because hosts are notified when items are missing, they can avoid unneeded trips to their properties to monitor inventory levels themselves — clearing up their busy schedules.

Carol N.

No more last minute trips to deliver toilet paper, the inventory feature lets me know when my place is running low so we plan ahead.

Carol N.

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