Cleaner Marketplace

Hosts will never miss a cleaning again with the Cleaner Marketplace. Find and connect with professional cleaners nearby. Get bids from trusted cleaners for ongoing projects or find a last-minute cleaner in a pinch.

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Discover what Stephanie knows

Airbnb Superhost saves hours every week by automating cleanings using Turno.

Discover what Stephanie knows
  • Find New Cleaners

    Use our Marketplace to easily search for and select bids from professional vacation rental cleaners based on their location, budget, and other preferences.

  • Send Payments Automatically

    Hosts can set up automatic payments so that once a cleaning project is complete, they won’t have to lift a finger to ensure cleaners are paid.

  • Automate Your Schedule

    Hosts can sync their booking calendars and set cleaning projects to automatically recur according to a set schedule. This helps to balance workloads and track tasks in real-time.

  • Work With Existing Cleaners

    Hosts can invite their existing cleaning team to the platform, allowing them to keep all cleaning project information in one place and maintain relationships with loyal cleaners.

Lindsay H.

Finding good cleaners is hard. The cleaners I’ve found on the Marketplace have been reliable and well priced. You can also add cleaners as backups!

Lindsay H.

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