NEW! Turno Launches Quality Center for Airbnb Operators Worldwide

Official Airbnb Software Partner

We’re excited to introduce the Turno Quality Center for Airbnb Hosts and Property Managers!

Quality Center: Individualized Performance Insights

Turno’s new Quality Center for Airbnb operators is a trailblazing new software tool that delivers a powerful blend of property data and guest reviews with targeted, actional insights to help Airbnb hosts and property managers make strategic cleaning and operational improvements that:

  • Boost property cleanliness
  • Ensure turnover readiness
  • Enhance guest experience and satisfaction

Quality Center is free to all Turno customers integrated via our Airbnb API, aggregating millions of data points of historical and current guest reviews and ratings details.

Examining this huge volume of data, we directly tie cleanliness ratings, topic tags, and guest comments for each Airbnb listing to the individual cleaners who serviced the property.

Quality Center

By analyzing this rich, valuable data – down to the property, booking, guest, and cleaner levels – the Turno Quality Center helps hosts update and implement Cleaning, Maintenance, and Restaging action plans that are as individualized and unique as Airbnb properties themselves.

With every turnover and each new guest review, fresh data feeds insightful performance scorecards and cleanliness trends for both properties and cleaners alike. In addition, the Quality Center provides hosts and managers with actional resources targeted to resolving property-specific cleanliness concerns and operational management issues.

Recommended Actions

Available worldwide to integrated Airbnb hosts and property managers, the Quality Center is localized in six languages – English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and Italian – alongside our entire software platform and the Turno for Hosts and Turno for Cleaners mobile apps.

We invite all Turno customers integrated via Airbnb API to visit the Quality Center for personalized insights and data analysis!

End-to-End Solutions for Airbnb Hosts

Our mission at Turno is simple: We solve cleaning for the short-term rental industry.

Since our founding in 2016, we have expanded, enhanced, and tailored our user-friendly technology solutions to meet the evolving needs of vacation rental operators around the world.

And today, we are uniquely positioned to support hosts and property managers in optimizing their turnover operations to improve cleanliness outcomes and positive guest experiences.

Optimize Operations
API connectivity with Airbnb gives Turno users an intuitive and efficient setup process, enhanced guest and reservation data, and lightning-fast booking updates.

Improving Guest Satisfaction and Cleanliness Ratings

Our API integration with Airbnb represents an exciting milestone for Turno and underscores Airbnb’s ongoing commitment to ensuring that properties hosted on its platform consistently meet high-quality cleanliness standards and provide guests with fresh, hygienic, and welcoming stay environments.

As an integrated Airbnb software partner, our connectivity delivers:

  • Real-time booking updates through instant webhooks
  • Increased connection stability and reliability
  • Enhanced guest and reservation data

“By decreasing cleaning hassles, Airbnb Hosts can enhance the guest experience, improve property revenue, and achieve higher average cleanliness scores on Airbnb,” said Assaf Karmon, CEO and Co-founder of Turno.

In addition to these benefits, API connectivity with Airbnb provides us with the exciting opportunity to explore new data-rich tools and automated features that will further drive efficiencies in turnover operations and support high-quality cleans every time.

Delivering on the Turno Promise

Find STR Cleaners

Turno’s SaaS platform and custom mobile apps deliver scalable, on-the-go tools for STR operators and cleaning providers of all sizes.

We also operate the industry’s largest Cleaner Marketplace that matches hosts and property managers with STR cleaning pros worldwide.

Turno users search our Marketplace to easily find and connect with experienced cleaners who match their location, turnover needs, budget, and other preferences.

“While our business users definitely benefit from increased productivity and efficiency, the real beneficiaries of high-quality cleaning are the millions of happy, satisfied Airbnb guests worldwide” Karmon continued.

Turnos’ features include auto-scheduling, auto payment, and in-app chat, plus quality assurance tools like custom checklists, photo sharing, inventory management, and reporting. Our web-based platform as well as both the Turno for Hosts and Turno for Cleaners mobile apps are all available in six fully localized languages and supported by Turno’s 24/7 in-house customer support team.

Learn more about our Airbnb software partnership. Check out our press announcement.

Mobile Apps for Hosts and Cleaners

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Calling, texting and emailing through multiple apps is a waste of time. Busy Hosts and Cleaners improve operations by using one app to communicate with their teams, ensuring everybody stays on the same page. Available for free for iOS and Android.

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