In-App Chat

Our newly improved in-app chat feature helps vacation rental hosts communicate quickly and easily with cleaners to centralize communication, save time, and ensure a sparkling clean property with every turnover.

  • Message Cleaners Instantly

    Hosts can send instant messages to new Marketplace connections and current cleaners on their teams. Our enhanced in-app chat feature now delivers faster loading and response times.

  • Send and Receive Attachments

    Once a host is connected to a cleaner, they can send and receive attachments like photos and documents. This convenient communication feature helps hosts have eyes on the ground, address concerns quickly, and maintain quality assurance.

  • Centralize Communication

    No longer must hosts juggle managing their vacation rental cleaners through email, text, and phone calls. Our in-app chat allows hosts to centralize all communications in one easy-to-access location, saving time and confusion.

Alyssa R.

It’s so easy to stay on top of everything! I love how I can track all my conversations in one place. No more texting. No more missed calls or follow-up emails. Just less stress because everyone I need to communicate with is right there.

Alyssa R.

Additional Features