Problem Reporting

Cleaners can use their app to report property damage, missing inventory, and other problems in real-time so that hosts can address the issue without having to make extra trips to the property.

  • Address Damage

    Rental property damage is commonly discovered during the turnover process, making cleaners the first line of defense. When a cleaner identifies a problem, they can instantly notify the host.

  • Coordinate Repairs

    Hosts often rely on outside help to fix damages or conduct routine maintenance on their properties. Right from their app, hosts can send their service requests to an external contact.

  • Share Problem Details

    When a cleaner identifies a problem in a property, they’re able to send information and photos to the host. Hosts can then send these details to the appropriate handyman or repair service.

  • Stay Organized

    Keep solved and unsolved problems organized within the app to ensure nothing slips through the cracks and eliminate the need for back-and-forth communication across multiple platforms.

Ken B.

Being able to report issues with my properties directly on Turno means we always get in front of issues before they become deal breakers.

Ken B.

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