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How to Take Care of Professional Airbnb Cleaning Products

Tackle Airbnb cleaning supply maintenance with confidence. Learn more about leading professional Airbnb cleaning supplies and products and how to properly clean and maintain them.

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Last updated: April 17, 2024

What Are Professional Airbnb Cleaning Supplies and Products? 

In order to maintain a successful Airbnb cleaning business, you’ll need the right supplies and products. Cleaning supplies for an Airbnb play a crucial role in meeting the high standards of cleanliness expected by your host’s guests.  

Compared to regular household cleaning supplies and products, Airbnb cleaners utilize solutions that are more effective in removing dirt, grease, and grime efficiently. This usually means that their cleaning products carry heavy-duty cleaning agents targeted to aid the cleaner in increasing their productivity. 

Professional Airbnb cleaning tools are designed to maximize efficiency and time management. Cleaning professionals rely on these products to clean and sanitize the property for quicker turnovers between visitors. 

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Best Products and Brands for an Airbnb Cleaner to Use

As a professional Airbnb cleaner, it’s important to note that every host will have product and brand preferences. Have on hand eco-friendly alternatives and a few name-brand products to cater to hosts whose clientele may have preferences for sustainable options. The following are industry-leading cleaning products for you to choose from: 

  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are not only better for the environment, but they will also save you money! Opting for microfiber can help you reduce the use of paper towels. Once dirty, you can wash and reuse them.
  • Seventh Generation offers an extensive range of household cleaning products from laundry detergent, dish cleaners, disinfectants, hand wash, bathroom cleaners, and even body wash. You can find their products at Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, and Amazon.
  • Ecos is a natural and organic family-owned cleaning brand. The company is powered by 100 percent renewable energy, and they even use carbon and water-neutral practices.
  • Meliora Cleaning Products offers gentle cleaning products for multiple surfaces, such as stove tops, ceramic tiles, and stainless steel. Additionally, this brand’s products are Made Safe certified.
  • Attitude uses plant and mineral-based ingredients in its cleaning products. They offer a wide range of household cleaning products, and they even offer environmentally friendly refill containers.
  • Aspen Clean has the most EWG-verified products. This brand offers a wide range of cleaning products from glass cleaners, dish cleaners, floor cleaners, laundry detergents, bathroom cleaners, and more.
  • Common Good is a natural and organic cleaning brand that offers surface, laundry, dish, and hand cleaners. They use biodegradable ingredients, which are great for the environment. Additionally, they use 100 percent essential oils as an all-natural fragrance. All of their products listed on EWG have received A’s, which is the best rating.
  • Dr. Bonner’s is an organic and non-toxic soap brand that uses fair-trade ingredients. Their 100 percent Pure Castile Soap can be used as a body wash, shampoo, detergent, dish wash, or multi-surface cleaner. Their soap truly is an all-in-one product.
  • The Pink Stuff is an affordable all-purpose cleaner that offers a gentle finish to all surfaces in the kitchen and bathrooms.
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Ingredients to Avoid in Your Cleaning Products 

Ammonia or Chlorine Bleach

Avoid cleaners that contain ammonia or chlorine bleach. These products are very toxic, and when combined, they create a dangerous gas called chloramine.

Hydrochloric Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Sodium or Potassium Hydroxide, or Ethanolamines

These products are toilet cleaners, oven cleaners, and degreasers. However, they can cause blindness, skin burns, and lung irritation.


Fragrance is a broad term that can include a mixture of chemicals. Avoid cleaning products and air fresheners that do not state what is included in their fragrances. These products can cause respiratory problems and offset allergies. Instead, look for products that are fragrance-free or use essential oils.


Avoid products that use “quats.” These chemicals can lead to asthma and reduced fertility, and birth defects in animals. Alternatively, you can use steam or UV light to disinfect surfaces instead of products that contain quats.

Antimicrobial and Triclosan

These chemicals can cause a disruption in thyroid function and an increase in allergies. It is best to avoid products containing these chemicals and opt for benzalkonium chloride or benzethonium chloride.

How Should You Maintain and Store Airbnb Cleaning Supplies?

Proper maintenance of your professional Airbnb cleaning equipment, supplies, and products comes down to cleaning. Yes, even after using the tools of your trade, you have to clean them. This is important because it will save you money in the long run. Taken care of equipment doesn’t need to be repaired or replaced as quickly. 

Cleaning your cleaning supplies and equipment is simple. The best way to ensure your tools are always clean is to remain consistent. After every job, wipe down and sanitize your vacuum, broom, cleaning caddy, and spray or cleaning solution bottles. This simple tactic of maintenance will always leave your supplies, products, and equipment ready for use. 

At the end of each job, don’t just toss your equipment or supplies into your vehicle. Make sure you can place everything in an orderly manner and invest in a car trunk organizer. This organization tool will also allow you to come to your cleaning jobs prepared. 

Another important part of maintaining your cleaning supplies and equipment is storage. When you’re done working for the day, make sure to bring in your tools. Leaving your equipment and supplies in your vehicle is not ideal. Use a closet or small space in your home to properly store your cleaning tools. This will prevent your items from being stolen or lost in your vehicle. 

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What Are Five Important Points to Follow When Cleaning and Storing Equipment? 

Safety Comes First  

Make sure the cleaning agents, supplies, and equipment you are storing are kept in room-temperature spaces. Anywhere too hot or even too cold could become a hazardous environment when involving cleaning chemicals. 

In addition, be cautious of how and where you place your items. The last thing you want is to trip or slip when getting your belongings together to start your cleaning jobs. Also, keep harmful chemicals and sharp objects in higher places so they are out of reach of children.  

Be Proactive With Inventory Management  

Part of maintaining your cleaning supplies and products is through inventory management. When placing items away for the day, take note of what needs to be replenished, repaired, or replaced.  

Know the OSHA Regulations

Because you are dealing with cleaning agents, it’s always beneficial to ensure you have an idea of what the OSHA regulations are. Consider taking a workplace safety course online. The majority of courses will walk you through what the OSHA regulations are and the best ways to stay safe while on the job. 

Establish a Supply Maintenance Protocol  

Whether you are an independent Airbnb cleaner or managing a crew, establish a supply maintenance protocol. You need a protocol to ensure your Airbnb cleaning supplies are consistently taken care of. Without one, you will find yourself skipping product and equipment maintenance. 

Outsource Your Storage  

Instead of using your home as a means of storing your Airbnb cleaning supplies, get a storage unit. This will eliminate any potential clutter or safety risk that may arise when storing your cleaning items at home. Also, storage units provide a controlled environment with security. You can free up space and protect your investments all at the same time.  

Moreover, streamline your efficiency by having your storage unit within your service area. Limit the back-and-forth movement between your home and your host’s properties. 

Manage Your Airbnb Cleaning Supplies Effectively 

Proper management of your Airbnb cleaning supplies will aid you in increasing your cleanliness and service ratings. Having dirty or broken products or equipment will not go unnoticed by your host and their guests. 

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