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When Hosts Need to Deep Clean an Airbnb Property

Spruce up your property and increase your Airbnb cleanliness rating. Learn more about why deep cleaning your vacation rental is a crucial factor in elevating your Airbnb business.

By Angela Rush

Last updated: December 07, 2023

What is Deep Cleaning for a Vacation Rental? 

Deep cleaning for vacation rentals is important to upkeep a property overall. Your average Airbnb will maintain consistent turnover cleans, which are crucial to keeping an Airbnb business running, but deep cleans ensure that every spot of your property is sparkling. 

Common turnover cleans focus on addressing immediate or high-touched areas of a home. This type of cleaning can include the basics like dusting, sweeping, mopping, and sanitizing floors, countertops, bathrooms, and more. These cleans can often leave hidden pockets of untouched areas that need some extra care every now and then. 

Airbnb deep cleans are done to eliminate any chance of dirt, dust, or grime build-up in areas that may or may not be frequented. Airbnb defines deep cleaning as an enhanced method of cleaning. It guarantees a thorough touch on all corners of a home while still maintaining standardized cleaning methods, making it easy to have your professional cleaners implement. 

How Deep Cleans Reverse Negative Airbnb Cleanliness Ratings 

Lead Operations Manager for HostWise, Stephanie West, emphasizes the importance of maintaining property cleanliness. Even during the height of Covid-19, she states that her Airbnb business was doing exceptionally “because our cleaning scores were so good.”  

Airbnb guest reviews are dependent on your cleanliness ratings. Guests know when a property is well-maintained and cleaned. The better quality of an atmosphere, the higher chance you have of receiving five-star reviews. 

Enhance Guest Experience 

Turnover cleanings play an important role in your guests’ experience. 

Boost cleanliness ratings by focusing on providing guests with a spotless stay. The cleanliness of your property is often the first impression guests have of your vacation rental business. Listings that show a higher cleanliness rating, let the guest know that effort is being made in protecting their health. This can provide a sense of thoughtfulness and care that guests will appreciate – elevating their perception of your property before even stepping on it.  

Increase Repeat Bookings 

Cleanliness ratings impact your overall vacation rental business. The higher guests review your property’s cleanliness, the more likely they are to book with you again. 

Guests value the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are staying in a clean property. By providing a clean environment, hosts can significantly increase guest satisfaction. The happier guests are, the more likely they are to leave positive reviews and return for another stay. 

Male cleaning service member cleaning blinds with a microfiber cloth

Ensure Cleaning Standards Are Met 

The best way cleanliness ratings elevate your vacation rental business is by establishing a standardized cleaning process. 

Cleaning is essential to your Airbnb business. Oftentimes, your property’s cleanliness rating can make or break your bookings. Deep cleans ensure that spots missed or overlooked are taken care of. Your average turnover cleaner manages a lot at once and their main priority is cleaning high-touched areas. This is where dedicating one day to deep cleaning to give your property a thorough cleaning can benefit your Airbnb business. 

How Often Should an Airbnb Cleaner Deep Clean a Property? 

An average Airbnb is cleaned after or before each guest. This can equate to roughly two turnover cleans per month. Guests may utilize cleaning supplies available to them to pick up after themselves, but only sometimes. Turnover cleans are essential to getting your property ready for the next set of guests. And, deep cleans play a crucial role in maintaining a high level of cleanliness. 

Deep cleaning your Airbnb should happen every three to six months. Make this part of your regular cleaning and maintenance schedule. Most vacation rental cleaners offer a deep cleaning service with an additional fee. Talk to your cleaner about whether or not they offer other services like deep cleaning. 

Additionally, deep cleaning should be taken into consideration based on guest reviews. Bad odors, stains, dust or dirt, a messy kitchen or bathroom, or excessive clutter are all tags in reviews that should alert you to needing a deep cleaning. 

What is the Cleanliness Standard for Airbnb? 

According to Airbnb, hosts should maintain their property’s cleanliness through consistent cleaning. Their help center suggests dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and more per every turnover. Host listings should always be free of health hazards like mold, pests, or other property damage. 

Male cleaning crew member wearing a blue medical mask cleaning dust off ceiling fan with microfiber cloth

Deep Cleaning Checklist Guaranteed to Increase Airbnb Guest Reviews 

Checklists are a great deep cleaning resource to have your professional cleaners use. Scheduling a cleaner to come to deep clean your property will help ensure that your usual turnover cleaners are meeting your standards. 

When asking your cleaners, or hiring a deep cleaning specialist, make sure their Airbnb cleaning checklists include the following: 

  • Lighting fixtures 
  • Ceiling fans 
  • Air vents 
  • Windows and screens, if applicable 
  • Shutters or blinds
  • Floorboards
  • Kitchen appliances 
  • Bathroom and kitchen sink drains 

In addition, have your cleaners wipe down your walls. For a complete clean, sanitizing the walls removes any lingering fingerprints of grease or oil that guests could have transferred. Over time, these types of unseen stains can make your wall paint seem discolored. This is because dust can collect in the saturated areas. 

If you have a property that is carpeted, consider carpet cleaning services. This will keep your carpets fresh and clean longer than just vacuuming. Carpet can hold a lot of dirt, dust, and more. Vacuums only pick up so much. They do not clean the fibers of your carpet like a specialized carpet cleaner. 

Likewise, have your Airbnb cleaner polish your hardwood floors. This will give the hardwood floors a fresh and clean look while protecting them at the same time. 

Hire a Professional Airbnb Cleaner 

Ready to deep clean your vacation rental? 

Hire a professional cleaning service specialized in turnover cleaning through Turno, the app. Join our marketplace to connect with a reliable and affordable Airbnb cleaner to tackle deep cleaning your property. Build an Airbnb deep cleaning checklist within the app to ensure quality control.

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