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Fast & Efficient Vacation Rental Turnover Cleaning Tips

Elevate your vacation rental business with a turnover specialist. Learn more about who your turnover specialists are and gain helpful cleaning tips to automate your turnovers.

By Angela Rush

Last updated: June 29, 2023

What Are Turnovers in Cleaning? 

Vacation rental property owners and managers of lucrative Airbnb businesses will always emphasize the importance of cleaning. Yet, what does cleaning have to do with your property turnovers? 

Cleaning is vital to a successful turnover process. Guest check-in and check-outs aren’t the only procedure within a turnover. Property maintenance and cleanliness management are equally essential to your Airbnb business. They keep your property well organized and maintained – eliminating additional repair costs. 

Turnovers, in the sense of cleanings, are done to ensure your property is thoroughly dusted, sanitized, and hazard-free. A turnover specialist will come in and not only clean your property but double-check your inventory, launder your linens, and restock necessary amenities. Most of the time, your turnover specialist will become a business partner. 

Who Are Your Turnover Specialists? 

Turnover specialists are your Airbnb cleaners. What makes them a specialist is that they are trained to clean vacation rentals. Their skill sets include but are not limited to: 

  • Dusting, sweeping, mopping, and sanitizing 
  • Stain removal from carpets, rugs, linens, towels, etc. 
  • Inventory management 
  • Re-organization of guest amenities 
  • Trash removal 

Turnover cleaners that have experience in caring for a vacation rental property are also familiar with time restraints. They can work well under pressure and in shorter time frames. Their time management skills are what set them apart from residential cleaners. 

turnover cleaner cleaning countertop

5 Benefits of Onboarding a Turnover Specialist 

Still deciding on whether or not to hire an Airbnb cleaner? Onboarding a turnover specialist has many benefits for your vacation rental business. The following are the main five reasons other Airbnb Superhosts rely on turnover specialists. 

Higher Cleanliness Ratings 

Within the saturated market of owning a vacation rental business, higher cleanliness ratings are what will make your Airbnb stand out. 

The guests’ first impression means everything. Stepping onto a property that hasn’t been cleaned well sets guests’ expectations for their stay low. On the other hand, a fresh and clean property will create a positive experience for your guests. This can lead your guests to leave higher cleanliness ratings and increase overall reviews. 

Improved Guest Satisfaction 

Onboarding a turnover specialist is guaranteed to improve your guest experience. Have your guests feel more comfortable through a properly cleaned property. Airbnb cleaners are a great tool to use to ensure quality control and that the next set of guests is ready to be checked in. 

This can be a simple way of enhancing your guests’ satisfaction. 

Boost Repeat Bookings 

Utilize a turnover specialist to scale your vacation rental business by increasing repeat bookings. The more guests stay, the more likely they are to recommend your property to others. 

Word-of-mouth marketing is equally important and effective to other marketing efforts you may have in place. Just having a listing, website, or social media presence won’t gain you enough traction to grow. Consistent care and attention to your property’s cleanliness will give you more opportunities to reach all types of travelers. 

Guaranteed Quality Services 

As an Airbnb host, you can rely on a dedicated cleaning specialist to provide quality services that guarantee a great experience for both you and your guests. Their meticulous attention to detail ensures thorough cleaning of every room, including sanitizing surfaces, refreshing linens, and tidying up common areas. 

Personalized Cleaning Experiences  

Consider your turnover specialist as a business partner. “Your cleaner is your property manager,” says Danny Rusteen, author and Airbnb Superhost. “They’re there always, and they handle everything.” 

Work together to create the ultimate Airbnb experience for your guests. Your Airbnb cleaner has the ability to tailor their cleaning procedure to your wants and needs. For example, hosts can ask for their cleaners to practice the triple sheeting method. When a cleaner does this, a host may request in addition that towels, chocolates, or other guest welcoming gifts be laid out. 

Cleaning crew cleaning kitchen for a turnover

Best Tips on Cleaning From Turnover Specialists

Vacation rental cleaning tips from turnover specialists can gain you more insight into how your cleaners operate. Below, learn more about the best cleaning tips from turnover specialists. 

Create Checklists 

Quality control starts with your cleaning team understanding the scope of work you require. Comprehensive cleaning checklists are always going to be your cleaners’ go-to. Think of your checklist as a manual for your expectations. 

Every small detail matters in the creation of an Airbnb cleaning checklist. Dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming is too generic for tasks. Instead, supply your cleaners with context to each task. For example, you can phrase your checklist items as the following:  

  • Dust headboards and footers in all bedrooms
  • Wipe down and then sanitize ceiling fans and lighting fixtures 
  • Dry mop wood floors 
  • Polish wood floors 
  • Remove any hair from the bathroom sink, shower, and bath drains 
  • Wipe down, sanitize, and bleach the bathroom sink, shower, and bath 
  • Remove hard water stains from the shower door 

How you format your Airbnb cleaning checklist will be up between you and your cleaner. 

Have an Owner’s Closet 

The best way to ensure your cleaners are well-equipped is to set up an owner’s closet. Having a dedicated space to organize and place all cleaning supplies or guest amenities will make inventory management easier. 

It’s also a great way to store extra towels, linens, bedding, or toiletries. An owner’s closet makes everything more accessible to not only your cleaners but your guests as well. You can opt to lock your owner’s closet and grant access to guests who need extra supplies in an emergency. 

Stay On-Top of Inventory 

Managing inventory is a crucial aspect of being an Airbnb host, and it requires careful attention to detail and organization. Work with your turnover specialist to ensure that the inventory is regularly checked and replenished as needed.

An effective way to manage inventory is by utilizing a turnover specialist. These professionals can play a valuable role in helping you keep track of and manage your inventory efficiently. Your turnover specialist can assist in maintaining an accurate inventory count. Also, they can keep track of essential items such as linens, towels, toiletries, kitchen supplies, and other amenities that guests expect during their stay. 

Moreover, an Airbnb cleaner can serve as a property manager when it comes to inventory. They can help identify any missing or damaged items and promptly communicate these issues to the host. This allows for quick resolution, whether it’s replacing items, updating the inventory list, or addressing any maintenance concerns. They can also assist in coordinating repairs or replacements, ensuring that the inventory remains in excellent condition for future guests.

Establish a Cleaning Flow 

Cleaning fast means nothing if it’s not done right. Before hiring a turnover specialist, ensure they have a cleaning flow. This is just simply their procedure for cleaning. It’s always recommended to double-check how they go about cleaning so you understand whether or not they are qualified for your needs. 

Consistently Communicate 

The best cleaning tips from turnover specialists are about communication. As an Airbnb host, it’s your responsibility to ensure that all expectations are clearly defined. Vacation rental turnover cleaning can be automated through simple, effective communication. Establish goals and standards for how you wish to have your property cleaned from the beginning. 

It’s also recommended that you check in with your turnover specialist regularly. This is a great way to ensure quality control. The more you communicate with your cleaners, the better of a report you’ll have. This can become beneficial as it fosters a relationship that is built on trust and understanding. Your cleaners are going to feel more comfortable and inclined in providing top-notch service if they feel like you are working with them as a team. 

Turnover Cleaning Tips Simplified 

Streamline your next turnover by hiring an Airbnb cleaning service. Allow your turnover specialist to automate your cleaning operations and get your property ready for the next guests. 

Through Turno’s Cleaner Marketplace, vacation rental hosts can connect with reliable and affordable cleaners. Our software allows you to find or bring on cleaners to our platform. Simplify your cleaning procedures through customizable, photo-checklists that are designed to ensure all standards are met. 

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