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Airbnb Cleaning Experts Master the Triple Sheeting Method

Give your turnover cleans an elevated feel by using the triple sheeting method. Learn more about what triple sheeting is, how to follow the method, and why it benefits you, your customers, and their guests.

By Angela Rush

Last updated: March 05, 2024

What is Triple Sheeting?

Triple sheeting is a way of making a bed that is easier for an Airbnb cleaner to launder and replace compared to a duvet cover. Triple sheeting is a common method used in hotels. For an Airbnb, having the bed made with triple sheets can improve the guests’ experience by providing a high-end hotel feel to the space. As a professional cleaning service within the hospitality industry, triple sheeting should be offered to your vacation rental customers. 

It takes three times as long to strip out a duvet cover as it takes to make a triple-sheet bed covering. With triple sheeting, the time spent laundering the linens and making the bed is cut dramatically. This can be a good practice to implement in your Airbnb cleaning flow. As a short-term rental cleaner, this means your workload can be reduced, easier to manage, and leave a high-quality work product. 

In addition, your host’s guests will appreciate a triple sheet approach once you have mastered this skill. 

What is the Triple Sheeting Method?

This professional bed-making method is where a flat or fitted sheet is placed over the mattress, then another flat sheet, followed by an additional top sheet that covers the blanket or duvet. 

tripple sheet bed spread

Benefits of Following the Triple Sheeting Method 

The triple sheeting method is preferred due to its simplicity and practicality. A key benefit to following this method is that it saves cleaners time. Laundering heavy linens like comforters requires more time than an average turnover schedule and pricing allows. Also, wrangling duvet covers and ensuring that inserts are well-maintained can become a real hassle. 

Moreover, the triple sheet method saves energy and water. This is because your linen laundering is more efficient if done onsite, using less water and energy on the host’s property. 

Guests are also quickly assured that they are sleeping on clean sheets when they recognize the bed set up. Thus, triple sheeting provides guests with more comfort during their stay.  

Additional benefits to triple sheeting

  • Consistent cleanliness and sterility 
  • Laundering costs decrease 
  • Positive cleaner reviews increase
  • The top layers protect the sheets from allergens and dirt   

Whitney White, a turnover specialist, practices the triple sheeting method in every Airbnb she cleans.

“Triple sheeting cuts down on your laundry time by eliminating thick duvet covers and replacing them with thin, flat sheets. The duvet is then protected between two flat sheets, giving the bed a nicer and cleaner look than a bulky duvet cover. Triple sheeting with a thinner quilt on top allows the sheets to be tucked into the bed giving the overall appearance a fresh, clean look! Triple sheeting is easy to manage for housekeepers and gives the guest a sanitary stay.” – Whitney White, Airbnb Cleaning Specialist

How to Perform the Triple Sheeting Method

Triple sheeting is a method and skill that can easily be acquired and applied to your vacation rental cleaning service practices. 

Steps to following the triple sheeting method

  • Place a fitted sheet on the bed over the mattress.
  • Lay a flat-ironed sheet on top of the fitted sheet.
  • Place a duvet or another blanket on the flat sheet, leaving a few inches of space from the top of the flat sheet. 
  • Cover the duvet or blanket with another flat ironed sheet lined up with the bottom flat sheet.
  • Fold the two sheets, sandwiching the duvet a few inches excluding the duvet and then perform another fold including the duvet.
  • Neatly tuck away the loose sheets by folding them tightly under the corners and around the sides of the bed.

Should Airbnb Cleaners Introduce Triple Sheeting to Their Hosts?

Vacation rental cleaning services should definitely practice and offer the triple sheeting method

Being an Airbnb cleaner means you are also a business partner with your hosts. Your cleaning services are a necessary component to their operational success as a vacation rental business. Having an open conversation with your host about how you can work together to elevate guests’ experience will benefit your businesses and theirs. 

When you walk into a room with the bed made out nicely, you already feel relaxed. This is how guests will feel when they notice a triple-sheeted bed. The other thing to remember is that once you master the technique, it is much easier than messing around with duvet covers!

If the Airbnb you are cleaning has duvet covers, then this method will aid in keeping the duvets fresh during a guest’s stay. To launder the duvets, you’ll want to be cognizant of your time. Not only will you be washing the duvet cover, but you’ll also have to place the insert back in. The buttons on the duvet cover can take time. This is something that you can bring up to your hosts when mentioning that you think their bedrooms could benefit from the triple sheeting method.

Introduce triple sheeting to your hosts by providing them insight to how the method works, how it will improve the visual appeal of their bedrooms, and what products they can use to complete the look. 

The Best Sheets and Blankets for Triple Sheeting

Quality matters when it comes to the hospitality business. Guests do not want to sleep on stained, thinned, or cheap bedding. When laundering Airbnb bedding, be sure to maintain its quality by always reading and following the manufacturer’s washing instructions. 

If there is no wash label, follow industry best practices to ensure you are protecting the linens during laundering.  Also, consider using laundry products like Laundry Buddy to ensure safe, efficient laundering that keeps sheets from tangling and reduces both washing issues and drying time.

The best sheets and blankets for triple sheeting include

Elevate Your Airbnb Cleaning Service 

Triple sheeting is a simple way to streamline your cleaning service tasks. With the triple sheet method, you’ll be able to conduct your turnover cleans efficiently. When you master the skill of triple sheeting, you will feel confident that you’re leaving every bedroom with a high-end touch that hosts and guests alike will appreciate.

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