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How to Optimize Your Cleaner Profile on Turno to Win Bids

Your Turno marketplace application has been submitted and approved — very exciting! Once a new customer request is available in your area, you can place a bid. But how can you maximize your Turno cleaner profile to be competitive in the market and win bids? Learn five ways to attract more customers, win more bids, and boost your profits.

By The Turno Team

Last updated: May 14, 2024

Help Your Airbnb Cleaning Business Go From Overlooked to Overbooked

Increase your bookings and make more money on cleaning jobs by ensuring your cleaner profile showcases your skills and expertise. Your Turno cleaner profile is your first impression. And, if you are on Turno’s Cleaner Marketplace, a well-optimized profile helps differentiate you and your business from other Airbnb cleaning services in your area.  

Don’t miss out on cleaning job opportunities due to an incomplete profile. Think of your Turno cleaner profile as your online resume—it’s your chance to stand out and capture a host’s attention. When hosts are scrolling through received bids, your profile is what catches their eye. So, make sure it’s polished and shows off all your skills and expertise.

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5 Ways to Enhance Your Airbnb Cleaner Profile on Turno to Win Bids

To become one of the top-performing cleaners on Turno, you need a stellar cleaner profile. Below, learn five easy ways to upgrade your profile to ensure you grab attention and win bids:

1. Highlight and Sell Your Experience

Your Turno cleaner profile bio is your business card and portfolio all in one. Your profile is one of the most crucial ways to communicate your expertise and convert prospects into clients. In your profile, be sure to include the following:

  • Previous cleaning experience: Detail how long you have been cleaning and which types of clients you have worked with, i.e. vacation rental, residential, corporate. Remember your short-term rental audience on Turno and be sure to specifically highlight your Airbnb cleaning experience. This will show that you are qualified and knowledgeable in this unique type of cleaning.
  • Certifications and other accolades: Proudly display your certifications and other recognitions as a professional cleaning business to show your extensive knowledge and experience in maintaining a clean, sanitary environment. This helps you establish trust from the start and attract more Airbnb customers.
  • Positive traits and qualifications: Describe how you pay attention to details and go above and beyond to provide premiere services to every property you clean. Similarly, demonstrate in your profile that you are an excellent communicator and how your services will meet hosts’ needs. Hosts are always on the go, and the last thing they want is a cleaner who is ineffective in communicating. 

2. Provide a Professional Photo

When setting up a cleaner profile on Turno, it’s important to include a high-quality and professional-looking photo. This helps create a good first impression and shows potential clients that you’re serious about your work. A professional photo can help you stand out and attract more interested clients. Here’s how you should set up your photo:

  • Good Lighting: Make sure the area where you take your photo is well-lit. Natural light works best, so try to take the photo near a window during the day.
  • Clear Background: Choose a background that’s clean and clutter-free. It could be a plain wall or a tidy workspace.
  • Friendly Expression: Smile naturally and look approachable in your photo. This helps to build trust with potential clients.
  • Dress Professionally: Wear clean and presentable clothing that reflects the professionalism of your service.
  • Clear and Focused: Ensure the photo is sharp and in focus, with your face clearly visible. Avoid blurry or pixelated images.

By uploading a quality photo, you show you are serious about your cleaning business. It’s a simple yet effective way to showcase your dedication and professionalism to potential clients.

turno badges

3. Verify Documents for Turno Badges

Showcase that you are a professional and credible Airbnb cleaner with Turno badges. Obtain verification for liability insurance, bonding, and additional licenses you have. Keep in mind that all documentation must undergo review by our applications team before being posted to your profile. This is to ensure that your paperwork is in order. 

Additionally, all US-based Turno Cleaner Marketplace users must complete a background check. This process is designed to provide an extra layer of assurance to hosts by confirming that you’ve been vetted and cleared to work through our platform as a cleaner. 

Moreover, a background check helps establish trust between you and potential clients, giving them peace of mind knowing that you’ve passed screening measures for criminal history or other relevant concerns. Completing this requirement demonstrates your commitment to maintaining a safe and secure environment for your client’s properties and their guests.  

4. Collect Positive Reviews

Another powerful enhancement that helps your cleaner profile captivate attention is positive host reviews. When hosts see lots of good reviews from other property operators, they feel more confident about hiring you. On Turno, you’re cleaner profile has two opportunities to garner positive reviews: 

Turno Reviews

Turno Reviews are posted by hosts you have worked with on Turno. To maximize the impact of host reviews on your cleaner profile, focus on consistently delivering high-quality service. Pay attention to detail, communicate effectively with hosts, and strive to exceed their expectations with each cleaning.

As reviews accumulate on your cleaner profile, they serve as a testament to your performance and reliability. Each 5-star review helps establish your reputation as a dependable and proficient cleaner, attracting more potential clients. Consider every review a valuable asset, leveraging positive feedback and utilizing constructive criticism to continually refine your service.

As cleaning projects are completed and reviews are earned, they’ll be published to your cleaner profile. This is why your performance with every project is essential to your overall cleaner profile. As a service provider, it is recommended that you encourage hosts to leave a 5-star review after each cleaning project. Hosts are busy too, but a gentle reminder can help. So, focus on delivering top-notch services every time to build your reputation and show that you’re a reliable and experienced Airbnb cleaner. 

Airbnb Cleaning Rating on Turno Quality Center

With Turno’s integration with Airbnb, hosts are provided a wealth of information about the cleanliness of their properties. Turno’s Quality Center connects individual guest reviews to the cleaners who completed the turnover before their stay. This means that the cleans you complete on Turno can be directly associated with the ratings and reviews left by the next incoming guest. 

Your Airbnb Cleaning Rating is derived from the guest cleanliness reviews of all your host customers (for hosts who have integrated their Airbnb listings with Turno). It is an accumulation of the Airbnb guest reviews associated directly with your completed cleaning projects on Turno. The power of 5-star reviews is undeniable, and hosts seek out cleaners who understand that importance and demonstrate a proven ability to help achieve top-notch Airbnb cleanliness ratings.     

5. Work Towards Super Cleaner Status

Thousands of professional cleaners have reached financial freedom on Turno. Their secret? Completing projects consistently to gain valuable experience and grow their customer base. Turno’s Cleaner Marketplace is competitive, and other cleaners are bidding alongside you. Having more completed cleaning projects under your belt gives you a better opportunity to win new bids. 

Turno looks at three key factors for you to achieve Super Cleaner status:

  • Retain, maintain, and connect with new customers on our platform
  • Consistently bid on new projects
  • Actively complete cleaning projects

Once you have received more bids and completed projects consistently on our platform, you will earn the Super Cleaner badge. Think of it like this: the more you clean, the more experience you get. And that experience makes you stand out to hosts looking for cleaners. They see your Super Cleaner badge and know they’re getting the best of the best.

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Grow Your Business With an Optimized Cleaner Profile

Your cleaning venture on Turno can be very profitable as you showcase your dedication and hard work in the marketplace. To promote yourself as one of the best cleaners in your area and have your bids accepted by more hosts, apply our tips to optimize your cleaner profile.

Increase your opportunities and revenue streams by applying to Turno’s Cleaner Marketplace and downloading the Turno for Cleaners mobile app today.

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