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How to be a Successful Airbnb Cleaner on Turno

Enhance customer satisfaction and grow your business as an Airbnb cleaner using Turno. This guide will help propel your success, offering insights on expanding your client base and earning more revenue with Turno’s cleaning management platform.

By The Turno Team

Last updated: May 06, 2024

What Does it Mean to be an Airbnb Cleaner on Turno?

Becoming an Airbnb cleaner on Turno signifies more than cleaning; it’s about leveraging a user-friendly software app to streamline your operations and grow your business. Turno equips you with the tools you need to efficiently manage your Airbnb cleaning business, allowing you to prioritize what truly matters—providing exceptional 5-star quality to your clients.

Turno opens up avenues to maintain organization with current customers and also, excitingly, to discover new Airbnb cleaning opportunities nearby. Looking to better manage your cleaning business while you expand it? Turno facilitates both. Find new clients, organize and automate schedules, deliver quality assurance with checklists, and receive payments automatically—all on one centralized platform.

How to Make Money on Turno as a Vacation Rental Cleaner

Achieving a monthly income ranging from $5,000 to $12,000 is a reality for established cleaners on Turno. This multi-functional platform is a lucrative channel for cleaners who excel in customer retention and consistently deliver quality work.

It’s important to understand that such financial success is cultivated over time and through committed effort. For those with a background in vacation rental cleaning, joining the Cleaner Marketplace on Turno is a strategic move. This exclusive network connects you with Airbnb hosts actively looking for local service providers, paving the way for your business growth.

By following these tips, along with determination and planning, you will gain the insights needed to unlock new revenue streams, secure more Airbnb cleaning jobs, and earn more money on Turno.  

Turno cleaner marketplace

2 Ways to Work and Succeed on Turno 

Turno provides the tools needed to manage existing clients and connect with new Airbnb operators to grow your business. Explore the two ways to work on our platform and make the most from your cleaning business using Turno. 

Join Turno’s Cleaner Marketplace 

Turno’s Cleaner Marketplace creates and supports ongoing professional connections between vacation rental hosts and cleaners.  

To tap into this ever-growing network of Airbnb hosts, cleaners must apply and, upon approval and completed account setup, can bid on available cleaning projects in your local service area. 

Benefits of joining the Turno Cleaner Marketplace include:

  • Access to find new Airbnb clients in your area 
  • Flexibility to set your own rates and schedule
  • Freedom to accept and reject cleaning jobs according to your business goals

Invite Your Vacation Rental Clients to Turno 

Turno also helps you simplify operations with your current clients, whom you already love working with. By inviting your existing clients to work with you on Turno, you can centralize your entire workflow – from scheduling and communication to task management and payment processing. 

Working together on Turno allows you to see a clear overview of upcoming tasks, deadlines, and any special instructions. Communicate in real-time, update task statuses, and ensure that every property is cleaned on time and to the highest standards of cleanliness.

7 Tips to Ensure Your Success as an Airbnb Cleaner on Turno

As an Airbnb cleaner, your ability to consistently deliver exceptional cleaning services while maintaining professional relationships with host customers is crucial to growing your business. Here are seven tips to help you leave a lasting positive impression and improve your customer satisfaction rate on Turno. 

1. Familiarize Yourself With the Cleaner App

Turno offers live, 24/7 Customer Support and a team of account managers to make your onboarding process a breeze. They are with you every step of the way to walk you through the web-based platform and the Turno for Cleaners mobile app. They can explain Turno’s various features and ensure you are ready to start working smoothly on the platform.

After you complete the required onboarding session (for Marketplace cleaners), make time to familiarize yourself with the mobile app and its settings. Should you have any questions or need assistance, our Customer Support team is always available to help. 

Key Turno features include:

  • Real-time notifications and project updates
  • Direct in-app communication with customers
  • Unlimited bidding opportunities
  • Cleaning checklists, inventory tracking, and problem-reporting tools
  • Photo documentation and reporting

Open the chat icon at any time and Customer Support can assist you. Be sure to also review the FAQ page on our Help Center for answers to common questions.

Turno cleaner profile on desktop and mobile app version

2. Build an Outstanding Cleaner Profile

Your Turno bio is one of the first things a potential customer will see when considering your bid. Learning how to create an impressive cleaner profile on Turno can make the difference between a host skimming past your offer and accepting your bid. 

A well-written profile increases your attractiveness to potential customers. By highlighting your strengths as an Airbnb cleaner and crafting a well-prepared bio, you can attract more hosts to choose your service over others.

Describing your cleaning services to Airbnb hosts helps boost your profile. For example, share information about the makeup of your cleaning company, what services you offer, and any related requests or fees. Extra services that you offer, like deep cleaning, will always want to be mentioned. 

3. Obtain Verified Badges 

Another way to succeed on the platform and stand out from other cleaners in your area is to acquire profile badges. Badges display both your business’s legitimacy and commitment to professionalism. Available badges include:

Background Check

A background check badge shows hosts that their vacation rental home will be in good hands if they hire you for a professional cleaning service. This badge is known among hosts to be the most important in proving your trustworthiness and reliability and is required for all US-based Turno Marketplace cleaners.

Liability Insurance

As a business owner, it’s important to obtain general liability insurance to protect you and your employees from claims related to accidents that may arise during your cleaning. Obtaining a Turno liability insurance badge can demonstrate that you have adequate coverage and take the security of your business and the safety of your team seriously.


Getting a Turno license badge will show hosts that you are properly licensed to operate in your locale. License requirements differ from state to state and city to city, so we recommend you research what is required in your area and obtain the proper business licensing. 


A bonding badge is a certificate with a summary of your cleaning company’s liability insurance coverage. This provides hosts assurance that your cleaning business is well protected in the event of an accident or damage to property, equipment, or other unforeseen occurrence.

All badges are subject to a manual review process by our team of application specialists.

airbnb cleaner brushing couch pillows

 4. Formulate a Pricing Strategy

Finding new opportunities on the Cleaner Marketplace requires persistence, as hosts will post new Airbnb cleaning jobs in your area when needed. 

When a new offer becomes available, you will be notified via the platform and can submit your bid. This is the moment to highlight your quality services and outline your pricing structure. As an experienced Airbnb cleaner, you know your worth and should set your rates to reflect the value you bring to your clients. 

Growing your credibility and establishing yourself in the Cleaner Marketplace takes time and a steady commitment to bidding on good-fit jobs. A strategic approach to this involves setting competitive rates for your local market. 

Remaining competitive while building your reputation on the platform may mean creating more attractive pricing to win some initial bids. It’s crucial not to compromise too much on price, as underselling your services can undervalue your skills and experience, leading to dissatisfaction and burnout. By researching your competitors’ rates in your area, you can strategically set your prices without devaluing your services.

Once you complete projects for new customers, demonstrate your high-quality work, and gain positive reviews on Turno, you can gradually increase your rates on future bids and with new customers. Building a strong reputation on Turno boosts your credibility, encouraging hosts to see the value in investing more for your top-notch services. 

5. Send a Personalized Message With Every Bid

The power of a personalized introduction message cannot be understated. When starting a relationship with any new potential client, it’s vital to introduce yourself, your business, and your experience.  Your bid message is an opportunity to make a fantastic first impression. 

Every time you bid on a cleaning project for a new potential customer, send a friendly message introducing yourself. Provide a quick blurb about your cleaning service and express your desire to connect and learn more about their needs. This personalized greeting helps set the tone for a positive working relationship.

airbnb cleaner scrubbing down a bathroom sink while wearing gloves

6. Master Turno’s Quality-Assurance Features 

Consistently delivering first-rate services is key to building and maintaining the trust of your customers. By ensuring your customers’ expectations are met with every clean, you solidify your value and strengthen your customer relationships. 

These Turno features will help you maximize your workflow and deliver excellent quality results: 

Cleaning Checklist 

Many vacation rental hosts require their cleaners to complete a cleaning checklist within the app. These tasks range from general Airbnb cleaning guides to deep cleaning and disinfecting procedures.

On the Turno mobile app, you can update checklist items and then “complete” the project when you are finished. The host receives an email notification that you marked the project as complete, giving them peace of mind that the job is thoroughly finished.

You can also upload photos of finished tasks in the app as proof of your high-quality work (some hosts require this step), bolstering their confidence in your abilities.

Inventory Management

The app enables you to monitor and report on inventory levels, notifying hosts when certain inventories are depleted or running low. By checking off the host’s supplies listed within Turno, you can easily alert the host about restocking needs. 

This proactive approach helps maintain the property in prime condition for incoming guests, smoothing the transition between stays. 

Problem Reporting

During your cleanings, you might encounter issues at the property, ranging from malfunctioning appliances to accidental damage or missing items. Turno empowers you to document these incidents as they arise, ensuring that you and the host can address any problems quickly. Clear and immediate communication of such issues is crucial for maintaining a professional relationship and upholding your reputation as a diligent and dependable Airbnb cleaner.

Furthermore, it’s imperative you address and work out any concerns or issues with the host customer that involve you or your team. Turno’s Marketplace acts as the conduit for you to find new Aribnb cleaning jobs, but the ultimate responsibility of delivering quality service is yours—you are the independent service provider and cleaning business operator. 

Mastering these three important features not only makes you a more efficient Airbnb cleaner and enhances your service offering, but also positions you as a thorough and reliable choice for potential clients, further elevating your status and success on the Cleaner Marketplace. 

airbnb cleaner responding to hosts messages using Turno app

7. Showcase Your Professionalism Through Top-Notch Customer Service

As with any client relationship, responsiveness is important when receiving and accepting project bids. If you delay or take too long to respond to new cleaning offers, you risk lowering your chances of being seen and hired through the Marketplace. 

Here are some tips to help you showcase your professionalism:

  • Turn on your phone’s push notifications to ensure you never miss a bidding opportunity
  • Communicate with your customer before, during, and after a project
  • Collect feedback from customers; ask for positive reviews of your work
  • Be prepared: Plan your route, organize your supplies, and check for any special instructions

Being punctual is another fundamental aspect of earning and retaining the trust of your clients. 

Your customers chose to work with you because of your experience, performance, positive reviews, and competitive rates. And once they do, they entrust you to be the eyes and ears of their property. Treat your relationship with them as business partners and maintain professionalism through consistent high-quality customer service at all times. 

Communication is key. Should you have a scheduling conflict, it’s imperative to notify your host as early as possible. Failing to do so damages their trust in you and often leads to negative reviews that can harm your reputation and lower your opportunities for future projects. You can greatly tarnish your reputation on Turno by showing up late to a scheduled cleaning—or even worse, not showing up at all. 

Efficiency and preparation are your best tools for success. When cleaning for a same-day check-in, there may be times when the job needs to be finished quickly, without sacrificing quality. Prepare your equipment and team to complete the project in the allotted time, understanding that lateness can negatively impact your host’s business and the next guest’s stay. 

Proactively communicating about any potential delays or scheduling conflicts reinforces your professionalism and dedication to your cleaning business. Such practices prevent misunderstandings and strengthen the trust and reliability clients place in you, paving the way for a successful and lasting professional relationship.

Start Earning, Get Started on Turno 

Now that you know how to be a successful cleaner on Turno, you are equipped with the tools you need to find new clients and earn more money. Follow the guidance in this article, and you will be on your way to faster growth and financial success with your Airbnb cleaning business. 

Boost your cleaning business by applying to Turno’s Cleaner Marketplace and downloading the Turno for Cleaners mobile app today via the Apple Store or Google Play

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