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4 Reasons to Invest in Smart Locks and Access Control Software

Electronic access control is quickly becoming an amenity that vacation rental guests appreciate and expect, as well as a critical operational piece. Vacation rental hosts from Denver to Dubai are discovering how this technology helps ensure safe, efficient, automated entry for guests, cleaners, and service professionals.

By RemoteLock

Last updated: November 20, 2023

The Software Behind the Smarts

First things first: What is access control software? Won’t a smart lock alone do the trick?

Yes, a smart lock is an upgrade to access as it eliminates physical keys. But because you must manually input and change PIN codes right on the lock, this solution isn’t that much better than a traditional key and mechanical lock.

Add access control software to remotely manage the smart lock, and you’ve just taken efficiency to a whole new level, especially if you have more than one property.

Adding this transformative technology to your vacation rental business can be a small or big investment depending on the size of your portfolio. Either way, you’ll want to understand if smart locks and access control software are right for you.

Read on for the top reasons many vacation rental operators opt for this investment in smart technology.

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1. Eliminate Physical Keys

With keyless access, gone are the hassles of tracking down keys or rekeying costs if a key is ever lost. You can also forget about lockboxes and constantly changing the codes (or not changing the code, which is a horror story waiting to happen). Smart locks empowered by access control software put access codes right at your fingertips.

For guests, going keyless couldn’t be easier. There are no keys to accidentally forget or lose, nor do multiple keys have to be shared if it’s a big group of guests. Instead, there’s the ease of entry with a four-digit code, a technological amenity most of today’s guests expect.

2. Control Access Remotely

With access control software like RemoteLock, you now have that magic wand ability to make a few clicks to let someone in instead of being on-site.

RemoteLock is specifically designed to allow property owners to create and revoke access privileges remotely from a dashboard on a smartphone or laptop. So instead of being on-site, you can issue access codes for the guest who forgets the original code and the HVAC repair professional who needs immediate access.

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3. Create Custom Access Schedules

Offering a clean — more like spotless — space is imperative for getting good reviews. In fact, lack of cleanliness is one of the top reasons guests leave negative reviews. As this factor is so critical to your business, you want those turnovers to go as reliably and smoothly as possible.

Using your access control software, you can easily create a customized access schedule for your cleaner. Set it up so that your cleaner’s access code works in the three-hour window right after a guest checks out. You can quickly monitor the cleaner’s access, so you know the work is completed on time and well before the next guest checks in.

Without keys to hand off, you save loads of time. Amp up this efficiency with software like Turno’s cleaning automation platform, which also happens to integrate with RemoteLock.

Now, your cleaners can report issues seen during the turnover process with photos and descriptions and send them your way. You can then share these details and an access code with a preferred handyman or service professional to get the issues quickly resolved.

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4. Grow Your Business

Many vacation rental owners start small with just one rental property. Adding more properties to your portfolio becomes more attainable when you have the kind of automation generated by software like RemoteLock and Turno in place.

These platforms are designed to scale as you grow. Start with one door, then simply add more doors as your portfolio expands.

Bonus: RemoteLock software goes one step further by integrating with popular booking platforms like Airbnb, Guesty, Streamline, and more. Once your RemoteLock and booking platform accounts are linked, the access control software automatically sends access codes to guests upon approved bookings. How’s that for time savings?

Invest in Electronic Access Control to Grow Your Business

With today’s most advanced technology, vacation rental owners can automate many of their most mundane tasks around access and cleaning and shift valuable resources to revenue-growing strategies.

With a centralized platform like RemoteLock, your locks, your doors, your properties, and all of your favorite software integrations can be managed and controlled from one intuitive interface, saving time, money, and hassle.

Best of all, this platform is designed to grow with your business, giving you the flexibility to easily grow your vacation rental business from one to hundreds of doors.

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