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Airbnb AirCover for Hosts: Understanding What It Does and Doesn’t Cover

Sharing your house through Airbnb exposes you to higher risks that can affect your bottom line. Your guest can get injured while staying in the house. Theft can occur, and the property can get damaged. Fortunately, Airbnb provides insurance to protect you as a host. But what does their policy cover? Understanding this can help you assess the need to acquire additional insurance to cater to coverage gaps.

By The Turno Team

Last updated: June 14, 2022

What’s Covered By AirCover for Hosts?

Airbnb AirCover for Hosts is a free policy that provides $1,000,000 compensation for property damage and a similar amount for third-party injury. It covers the following losses:

  • Physical damage or loss caused by the guest during their stay in your home
  • Damages caused by a pet belonging to the guest
  • Unexpected cleaning costs that may result from having a pet or any action by the guest
  • Income loss when you cancel confirmed bookings due to damage

If a guest causes damage to your property, Airbnb will provide coverage if the guest fails to pay for the repairs.

In addition, Airbnb offers liability insurance for any bodily injury to your guests while staying on the property. For instance, your guest might slip and fall in the bathroom or get injured while exercising in the gym. This coverage ensures you don’t incur out-of-pocket expenses to pay for medical treatment.

Airbnb AirCover Conditions

AirCover for Hosts is only effective when you have guests staying in your home. And for you to get compensation, you must follow Airbnb’s terms and conditions and comply with home-sharing laws in your local area.

Before paying compensation, Airbnb must ensure you’re the owner of the property and may require you to provide proof of ownership. The company is also free to conduct its own investigation to ascertain the cause and value of the loss.

What Isn’t Covered By AirCover for Hosts?

Like other insurance providers, Airbnb has limits on what it can cover. It doesn’t cover losses resulting from the following causes:

  • Damages resulting from natural calamities such as earthquakes
  • Ordinary wear-and-tear of the property
  • Damage from mold and other fungi
  • Any damage the guest causes to the property after their booking period has expired
  • Losses that exceed the coverage limit
  • Excessive use of utilities like water, electricity, gas, and fuel
  • Mysterious loss of inventory during stock taking
  • Identity fraud or identity theft
  • Losses resulting from faulty workmanship
  • Damages resulting from acts of terrorism
  • Loss of earnings due to market trends
  • Losses resulting from hazardous chemicals or bacteria
  • Personal items like money and precious metal

Airbnb doesn’t cover the loss of any valuables, such as jewelry belonging to your guests.

In addition, the policy doesn’t cover surrounding properties such as bodies of water, crops, animals, boats, and vehicles. Any property beyond 1,000 feet of the covered home, such as an asset in transit, is also excluded.

Do I Need Additional Host Insurance?

There is Airbnb damage coverage for both the host and the guest. Though these coverages are free, they’re also limited.

You may consider securing additional insurance policies, such as business insurance, homeowners’ insurance, or landlord insurance, to provide you with full coverage.

These supplementary policies can protect you from financial losses resulting from various causes. For example, they can help you recover from fire damage and losses resulting from natural disasters. Keep in mind that some coverage may overlap with AirCover for Hosts.

In summary, Airbnb AirCover will only cover losses that directly stem from the guest or a person invited by the guest. If your guest has nothing to do with the loss, you can’t get paid.

This means that additional insurance can be invaluable if property damage or bodily injury occurs.

This article was written by the team at ATI Restoration, America’s biggest family-operated disaster recovery services firm. They specialize in restoration and reconstruction services after man-made and natural disasters.

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