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Airbnb Task Tool Alternative

If you received Airbnb’s email announcing the removal of its Task tool, your mind may already be racing thinking about how this will affect your business operations.

By The Turno Team

Last updated: March 02, 2024

The Termination of Airbnb Tasks: What This Means for STR Hosts

Historically, Airbnb’s Task tool enabled hosting teams to create projects for service providers and team members like co-hosts, property managers, cleaners, and more. However, in its February 15, 2024 email to users, Airbnb announced it will eliminate the Task tool feature as of April 20, 2024. All access to Tasks and their creation, tracking, reporting, and payments will no longer be available to Airbnb users after this date. 

What does the cancellation of Airbnb Tasks mean for hosts? Day-to-day operational management including cleanings, repairs, and Guest Welcome key handoffs need to continue uninterrupted. Finding the right solution to automate processes and streamline communications with your team is both time-sensitive and crucial to your continued operations. 

Turno’s automation tools deliver easy-to-use and reliable task management solutions for your Airbnb operations, including:

  • Automatic payments to your cleaners
  • Automatic scheduling of your cleaners via Airbnb calendar sync 
  • Inventory management controls
  • Problem reporting and resolution management  
  • Checklists with guidance and documentation photos 
  • Check-in/Welcoming tasks to streamline new guest arrival 

Best Solution for Airbnb Cleaning and Maintenance Tasks

With its separate web and mobile apps for both Hosts and Cleaners, Turno enables you to work in sync with your cleaners and property service providers to streamline each step of the turnover process. These top Turno features offer robust solutions to all of your day-to-day operational management tasks:

Turno cleaner marketplace

Cleaner Marketplace 

Turno’s Cleaner Marketplace is where you’ll establish your Teammates based on your property’s location, budget, and other preferences. Your Turno Teammates include pre-qualified vacation rental cleaners from our marketplace and/or service providers you invite onto our platform. 

Utilize our cleaner marketplace to connect with vetted, affordable, and professional cleaners who specialize in turnover cleaning. How Turno’s cleaner marketplace works for you: 

  • Simplifies finding and connecting with professional Airbnb cleaners 
  • Allows you to review and accept bids from cleaners located near you
  • Automates cleaning schedules per property based on real-time booking data 

Leverage our cleaner marketplace to add a backup cleaner to your Team and ensure you never miss a turnover clean. In the event of unexpected circumstances such as illness or scheduling conflicts, having a reliable backup cleaner at-the-ready guarantees that all necessary cleaning tasks are promptly and effectively handled. Backup cleaners are crucial to seamless operations and maintaining high cleanliness standards, especially when the unexpected happens.

Turno photo checklist feature

Customizable Cleaning Checklists 

Our cleaning checklist is similar to Airbnb’s Task Template – a step-by-step checklist to guide Teammates in completing projects effectively and efficiently. 

Turno enables you to build customizable, photo-guided checklists for your cleaning and maintenance services through our web app to ensure thorough care of your properties. Our checklist feature offers: 

  • Automatic checklist assignment to your properties with simple customization options 
  • Easy image upload for cleaners to submit photos of completed tasks as they work
  • Track cleaning progress – know when cleaners are finished and your property is ready for guest check-in

Once you have one checklist built, you can quickly add it to any of your listed properties. As you build out more checklists, you’ll have the option to select which list you’d like associated with each property. 

Turno’s photo checklist feature streamlines work efficiencies and communicates expectations to your cleaners from one centralized place, equipping them to consistently deliver top-notch service. In turn, impeccable cleanings support high guest satisfaction and positive reviews.

Turno problem reporting feature

Problem Reporting

With Turno’s problem reporting feature, a Teammate can immediately report issues that they identify onsite at your property. Problem reporting offers: 

  • Instant host notification when an issue is reported via email, text, and/or in-app 
  • Easy image upload along with Teammate description of the problem 
  • Option to share the issue with an external contact such as a handyman or repair service

You don’t have to worry about your external contact not having an account on Turno. You can simply add their name and phone number to the report and share problem features, allowing your contact to view all reported information about the problem. 

Best yet, you can review all reported problems labeled as “Unsolved” or “Solved.” Once resolved, simply mark the problem “Solved,” and it remains available for future reference if needed. Problem reporting helps you stay on top of priorities and address onsite issues quickly.

Turno auto payments

Automatic Payments 

At Turno, you can pay cleaners automatically. When they click the complete button indicating that the cleaning project is finished, our system initiates payment. 

You don’t have to worry about forgetting to allocate money and time to manage invoices or send payments to cleaners for every cleaning project. With automatic payments, you receive notifications when a cleaner payment has been processed, and custom reporting tools help you track all cleaning expenses. 

Turno’s automatic payment feature is integrated with Stripe—ensuring every transaction is safely processed. This also means that Turno does not retain payment information such as credit card details or bank account numbers. You and your Teammates have peace of mind knowing that your money is being handled safely and securely.

fields for the inventory management feature on turno

Inventory Management 

Monitoring physical inventory is an ongoing challenge for hosts. Our inventory management feature ensures consumables such as toiletries, cleaning supplies, and other necessities are always tracked, replenished, organized, and prepared for every guest stay. This feature offers:

  • A customizable list of consumables and amenities that you want to be inventoried during every cleaning 
  • Low quantity notifications alert you when inventories are running low, allowing you to reorder without delay 
  • Threshold options—you set when to be notified about needed inventory refills. For example, get notified when the cleaner reports there are only three rolls of paper towels in the backstock.

With inventory management, you can be confident that your property is well stocked and ready to serve your guests. Save time and money from last-minute orders and protect yourself against dissatisfied guests and avoidable negative reviews. 

Turno check-in/welcoming


Turno’s newest feature supports the check-in and key handout to your guests to help streamline guest arrivals. Check-in/Welcoming can be enabled or disabled for specific properties. Automatically schedule a check-in project to occur before your guest’s arrival, assign it to the appropriate teammate, and process payments with no added effort.

End-to-End Solutions for Airbnb Hosts

Our mission at Turno is simple: We solve cleaning for the short-term rental industry.

Since our founding in 2016, we have expanded, enhanced, and tailored our user-friendly technology solutions to meet the evolving needs of vacation rental operators around the world.

And today, we are uniquely positioned to support Airbnb hosts and property managers in optimizing their turnover operations to improve cleanliness outcomes and positive guest experiences.

Don’t Delay – Automate Your Cleaning Operations Today

To avoid any operational disruptions caused by the removal of the Airbnb Task tool, don’t wait to act until the April 20 deadline. 

As an Official Airbnb Software Partner, Turno customers can integrate their booking calendars directly via our Airbnb API. This connectivity delivers:

  • An intuitive and efficient setup process for hosts
  • Real-time booking updates through instant webhooks
  • Enhanced guest and reservation data

Learn how to connect your Airbnb account to Turno. Have more questions? Contact our 24/7 live customer support to help you get started.

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