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Unlocking Success with Airbnb YouTube Channels

YouTube is a treasure trove of insights and advice for starting, growing, and thriving in the short-term rental market. Learn from the best by subscribing to these top 10 Airbnb YouTube channels.

By The Turno Team

Last updated: February 06, 2024

Benefits of Learning from Airbnb YouTube Channels 

As a short-term rental operator, you’re likely seeking effective, time-efficient ways to build your Airbnb business. Look no further than YouTube – a goldmine of insights and strategies shared directly by industry experts.  

YouTube is not just a platform for entertainment, it has proven to be an enriching and informative resource for busy vacation rental hosts looking to learn the best ways to optimize their Airbnb business. 

Video is a great alternative to written articles and guides, offering instant access to educational and easily digestible content. 

Many experts in the short-term rental industry are dedicated to helping other STR operators learn how to grow their businesses. In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of ten outstanding Airbnb YouTubers who produce insightful, practical video content. Check them out below. 

The Most Popular Topics on YouTube Channels for STRs

As an Airbnb host, you will benefit from subscribing to YouTube channels hosted by vacation rental industry experts. Watch educational content regularly, and you’ll gain valuable insights into how to manage a vacation rental more efficiently and profitably. These channels offer practical STR advice on an array of topics, including: 

  • Investment strategies 
  • Pricing techniques
  • Renovation tips
  • Interior design ideas
  • Passive income generation

Subscribing to vacation rental YouTube channels is like having a mentor at your disposal, guiding you through the nuances of successful hosting from anywhere at any time. This learning is an investment in knowledge that can lead to smoother operations, happier guests, and a thriving Airbnb business.

Top 10 YouTubers for Airbnb Hosting Tips 

Elevate your vacation rental hosting game by tuning into our favorite top ten YouTube channels. Whether you’re a beginner seeking guidance or a seasoned host looking to stay ahead, these channels are go-to sources for Airbnb expertise. Check out and subscribe to the following channels: 

1. Airbnb Automated  

Sean Rakidzich, YouTube personality for Airbnb Automated

Sean Rakidzich brings a seasoned perspective to the short-term rental market with seven years of impressive experience under his belt. On his popular YouTube channel, Sean shares his knowledge and insights about rental arbitrage, pricing strategies, tips to maximizing occupancy, property management, booking strategies, and more. 

His content provides actionable advice based on real-life experience. Subscribers get an inside look at how Sean’s strategies lead to his business success, making his channel a go-to resource for both aspiring and established property owners.

2. Levi Kelly

Levi Kelly, Travel and Airbnb YouTube personality

Levi Kelly brings his viewers along as he visits some of the most imaginative and inspirational Airbnbs around the world. Combining his passions for videography and travel, Levi has created a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing the best examples of tiny homes, treehouses, container homes, luxury stays, and more. 

Viewers are treated to a first-hand exploration of amazing properties. His content encourages hosts to think about and plan for the guest experience. From Airbnb add-on services to local entertainment, Levi guides viewers through every aspect of the properties he highlights. According to Levi, he aims to help property owners market their homes, assist people looking for a great getaway, or simply offer inspiration for future home projects.

3. The Real Estate Robinsons

Tony and Sara, owners of the Real Estate Robinsons YouTube channel

Tony and Sara Robinson, the dynamic duo behind The Real Estate Robinsons, have teamed up not just in marriage but also in business, building a successful enterprise focused on short-term rental investing.

With a shared vision and entrepreneurial spirit, Tony and Sara launched their YouTube channel to offer engaging and informative content centered on making smart property investments and setting up your Airbnb for success. They’re so passionate about helping other hosts manage their vacation rentals that they also co-host the BiggerPockets Real Estate Rookie Podcast.

4. Lydia Patel

Lydia Patel, YouTube personality, profile image

Lydia Patel offers valuable advice and insights about running a short-term rental property. Whether you’re just beginning your hosting journey or preparing to buy your next Airbnb, her YouTube channel is a great source of information on financing, designing, and scaling a vacation rental business. 

Her straightforward and easy to follow YouTube content guides viewers through the intricacies of hosting while also managing the business of professional and personal lives. Lydia’s focus on making informed decisions helps lead to lucrative outcomes.

5. Sean Loves Real Estate 

Sean Pan YouTube channel profile image

Sean Pan brings over a decade of property investment experience to his YouTube channel, Sean Loves Real Estate. With an extensive background in finance as well as real estate, Sean delivers a range of content, covering everything from personal finance to scaling a short-term rental business. 

Sean’s YouTube channel is a valuable resource for Airbnb hosts. His content aims to equip viewers with the tools to navigate all aspects of hosting effectively. Subscribe to elevate your hosting game and learn strategies for building a financially successful Airbnb business. 

6. Kristen and Michael 

Kristen and Michael, YouTube channel profile

Follow along on an educational DIY journey with Airbnb-savvy couple, Kristen and Michael. On their popular YouTube channel, they share their personal experiences and insights for both budding and experienced vacation rental hosts. Three years since securing their first property, this dynamic couple has expanded their short-term rental know-how and offers that knowledge to their YouTube viewers.

Subscribe to discover more about how Kristen and Michael built their successful short-term rental business from the ground up. Plus, follow along with their series for Airbnb Tips and Tricks to learn more about the pros and cons of their vacation rental journey.  

7. Noelle Randall 

Noelle Randall, YouTube channel personality

Noelle Randall is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, author, and self-proclaimed know-it-all whose fast-paced YouTube channel delivers actionable advice on buying the perfect vacation rental to hook in guests. Her channel is filled with inspirational and educational content designed to help you navigate the purchase of your first property with financial savvy and confidence.

As an Airbnb property owner, manager, or host, first impressions make or break your guests’ experience. Choosing the right property for your target market can shape your vacation rental business into one that’s sustainable and profitable from the start. 

8. Robuilt

Robert, Robuilt YouTube personality

Join Robert Abasolo as he designs and builds distinctive tiny homes and small houses on his advice-packed YouTube channel, Robuilt. A DIY enthusiast, Robert showcases a variety of educational Airbnb content, from guest-focused ideas like glamping and mini golf to the back-office business of mortgages and property management. 

Robert specializes in crafting innovative tiny vacation rental homes that capture the imagination. Not only does he share his talent in designing and structuring homes, but he also provides beneficial content about investing, self-managing, and earning more income with an Airbnb business. 

9. Kylee and Steven 

Kylee and Steven standing side by side

Meet Kylee and Steven, the short-term rental duo whose unconventional path into the industry makes their YouTube channel authentic and relatable. They offer up the hard truths about hosting, property management, renovation projects, and so much more. 

Their candid discussions shed light on the challenges many hosts face, offering practical solutions and tips to navigate through the rough moments. The content Kylee and Steven share serves as a  resource for STR operators who want to improve their hosting skills, create a positive experience for guests, and increase their property’s bookings.

10. Airbnb Uncovered 

Matt Caissie, YouTube personality for Airbnb Uncovered

On Airbnb Uncovered,  Superhost Matt Caissie offers viewers a comprehensive guide on topics ranging from getting started to hiring professional Airbnb cleaners

One area where Matt’s channel really shines is his educational focus on Airbnb itself including insights into platform updates and how to achieve top search results. As a vacation rental host – particularly a new host in the market – knowledgeable Airbnb platform content can be very beneficial. This information can help you optimize your property listings, making them more attractive and competitive in the Airbnb marketplace.

Choosing the Right Channels: 3 Traits of High-Value Airbnb YouTubers

There’s a wealth of Airbnb-related content on YouTube, but not all channels are created equal. With thousands of channels at your fingertips, how do you separate the high-quality YouTubers from the substandard or worse, the bad advice givers? Here are three key factors to consider when evaluating which Airbnb YouTube channels to subscribe to and where to invest your time.   

YouTube Personalities Who Share Their Story 

When it comes to taking advice from people within the STR industry, you want to ensure they’re not self-proclaimed experts. Vacation rental YouTube content creators who are worth listening to and learning from offer more than get-rich-quick advice – they provide content that establishes trust. The best channels are run by individuals who bring real-life experience.

Shared stories of not only their professional good times but also their struggles prove more valuable and applicable than theories. A candid dialogue between them and you, their viewer, translates their first-hand knowledge and strategies into practical solutions you can implement. Also, take a minute to check their ‘About’ section, look for disclosed partnerships, and remember that every hosting journey is unique. 

YouTube influencer filming herself on the phone as she's unpacking in an Airbnb

YouTube Channels with Quality, Relevant Content 

A good YouTube channel for you and your hosting business should offer well-produced videos that provide clear, concise, and helpful information. While entertainment is a plus, quality is a must. Look for channels that cover topics pertinent to you such as pricing strategies, remote management tools, renovation and design tips, and advice for maintaining high guest satisfaction. It’s also worth noting if the channel publishes content regularly and addresses up-to-date issues and industry trends. This content is likely more applicable to you and demonstrates relevancy to today’s market. 

YouTubers Who Engage and Respond 

Consider the level of engagement that a channel shows its audience. A YouTuber who actively responds to comments and questions is a sign of a genuine, trustworthy channel. This shows respect for their viewers and a commitment to helping others succeed. Engagement by the channel itself also fosters an online community where STR operators can ask questions, share experiences, and learn from one another.  

Make the Most of Your Airbnb Business with YouTube

To help your vacation rental business prosper, turn to YouTube to learn about other hosts’ experiences and stay up-to-date on trends in short-term rental management. Our list of the top ten Airbnb YouTube channels is a great place to start to find helpful and authentic content. 

For more hosting tips, check out the Turno YouTube channel.

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