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Top Noise Monitoring Devices for Your Airbnb

Effective management of your short-term rental (STR) properties includes the use of noise monitoring devices. These devices help enhance the guest experience, protect your investment, and maintain positive relationships with neighbors. Learn more about the top 5 noise monitors chosen by Airbnb hosts and how they can benefit your STR business.

By The Turno Team

Last updated: April 10, 2024

How Airbnb Noise Monitors Protect Your Investment 

Noise-detecting monitors help track noise levels in vacation rental properties and manage disturbances that may arise. These devices enable STR operators to proactively address noise disturbances by offering real-time insights into noise activity at the property. This helps ensure a pleasant and peaceful experience for both guests and neighbors. 

Integrating noise monitoring technology enhances the overall management and profitability of short-term rentals in several ways:

Preserve Guest Safety and Satisfaction 

The goal of every vacation rental host is to provide guests with a safe, enjoyable, and memorable experience. Noise monitors in your Airbnb can aid in doing just that. They enable you to analyze objective data to address complaints or noise concerns effectively. You can use this information to resolve disruptions and minimize the risk of guests not following house rules. 

Safeguard Against Property Damage

Airbnb noise monitors can help safeguard a vacation rental property from damage by alerting hosts to potential disturbances or emergencies. For instance, if the noise monitor detects sounds indicative of property damage, such as breaking glass or slamming doors, it will immediately notify you. This early warning allows you to investigate and address the issue promptly, potentially preventing further damage or losses. 

Additionally, noise monitors can detect unusual sounds that may signal emergencies like flooding or appliance malfunctions. By alerting hosts to these situations as they occur, noise monitors enable swift action to mitigate damage and protect the property, ensuring its long-term value. 

woamn working in home office

Support Remote Management  

Noise monitors support remote STR management by providing real-time data and alerts about noise levels in rental properties when you are not physically present. This means you can monitor noise activity from anywhere using a smartphone or other devices connected to the internet. With remote access to noise monitoring data, you can quickly identify and address disturbances or violations of property rules, regardless of your location.

Most Airbnb noise monitors offer remote control capabilities, such as adjusting settings and customizing thresholds. These features grant you the ability to remotely manage your rental properties effectively and address issues swiftly.

Comply with Local Regulations 

Airbnb noise monitoring devices help reduce the risk of noise disturbances by providing hosts with proactive measures to manage noise levels. These monitors detect and track noise activity, allowing you to monitor noise levels and intervene promptly if disturbances occur. 

By implementing noise monitoring technology, hosts can demonstrate their commitment to addressing noise concerns and maintaining a peaceful environment for both guests and neighbors. 

Prevent Noise Complaints 

Noise monitors serve as a proactive measure to mitigate potential complaints or conflicts, helping you maintain positive relationships with guests and uphold the reputation of your rental property. 

Installing noise monitors demonstrates your commitment to being a responsible and considerate member of the neighborhood. Noise monitors show that you value the well-being and comfort of your neighbors by ensuring guests adhere to quiet hours and respect the peace of the community. 

5 Best Airbnb Noise Monitors and Detectors 

Your Airbnb noise monitor should keep guests, neighbors, and you happy. By carefully selecting the right noise monitor, you can effectively manage noise levels, address disturbances promptly, and contribute to a peaceful neighborhood:

Minut airbnb noise monitor

1. Minut 

Minut is a great pick for hosts who want a smart monitor. This sensor gives detailed insights into noise levels inside and outside your vacation rental. Plus, it detects cigarette smoke, temperature changes, and humidity shifts. 

Knowing noise levels inside and out helps you ensure a positive guest experience. You can detect if noise is coming from your property or nearby. Minut’s AudioID filters out wind, giving you data that can help you make informed decisions before taking action. Also, the additional features of smoke detection, temperature, and humidity shifts allow you to keep guests comfortable during their stay – leading to better reviews and more bookings. 

Minut’s noise monitors offer vacation rental hosts peace of mind and security from anywhere. Track, measure, and detect disruptions in your guests’ stay from any mobile device and/or desktop. Minut’s sensor allows for seamless remote management of noise detection and more.  

NoiseAware noise monitor

2. NoiseAware

If you’re looking for a noise monitor for your Airbnb that is a simple solution to managing noise and occupancy levels, NoiseAware is another smart choice. 

NoiseAware’s sensor offers STR operators privacy-safe insights into what’s happening on their property between check-in and check-out. Their monitors do not identify guest-specific noises or record private conversations. Their promise to guest privacy ensures you only measure sound decibels over time, providing safe monitoring while preventing noise disturbances.  

According to NoiseAware, their products have helped many vacation rental owners prevent costly noise fines and penalties with “an estimated $105 million in noise-related costs.” Be a good neighbor by detecting sounds coming from inside and outside your vacation rental with reliable, actionable data that is collected 24/7.     

Alertify airbnb noise monitor

3. Alertify 

The Alertify noise monitor offers a range of features such as measuring noise decibels, detecting indoor smoking and vaping, and alerting you to elevated occupancy levels while ensuring your rental property respects guest privacy. 

Alertify’s built-in backup battery is a unique feature that allows continuous monitoring even during a power outage.

In addition, you can set triggers by violation type. Each trigger has a customizable threshold that can be adjusted at any time. When sound exceeds a set threshold for the violation trigger type, you’ll be notified. The combination of these features ensures guest safety and protects your property from undesirable events. 

PartySquasher Airbnb noise monitor

4. Party Squasher

A targeted way for Airbnb hosts to prevent parties is with Party Squasher. This noise monitor is designed specifically to detect occupancy and noise levels within a vacation rental property. 

With innovative features like its ability to count the number of mobile phones in and around your house, Party Squasher accurately estimates the number of people present in your rental property, giving you real-time occupancy data.

With Party Squasher, you can set an occupancy limit based on your property’s capacity and rental rules. If the occupancy exceeds the set threshold, Party Squasher sends an instant text message or email alert. This proactive notification allows you to take immediate action, whether it’s contacting the guests to address the situation or implementing other necessary measures to ensure compliance with rental policies.

WYND Sentry Airbnb noise monitor

5. WYND Sentry

With coverage for up to 750 sq ft, this advanced monitor utilizes SiSonic™ MEMS technology for precise noise and disturbance detection. But WYND Sentry doesn’t stop there – it’s uniquely equipped to instantly detect and document both smoking and noise disturbances, ensuring a peaceful environment for guests and neighbors alike.

What sets WYND Sentry apart is its ability to speed up resolution time and success rates of claims by 2x, according to the company. By providing irrefutable evidence of disturbances, hosts can address issues swiftly and effectively, saving time and minimizing stress. With WYND Sentry, hosts trust that alerts are backed by accurate data, eliminating false alarms and unreliable monitoring. 

Features to Consider When Selecting a Noise Monitoring Device for Your STR 

To select the perfect noise monitor for your vacation rental property and hosting goals, first consider the functionality and purpose of these devices. 

Noise monitors use a microphone to measure sound waves and their levels within a specific environment. The monitor then analyzes these sounds to determine their volume or intensity. You will be alerted when the volume exceeds a certain threshold, allowing you to take appropriate action.

Important features you’ll want to consider when selecting a noise monitor include: 

Accuracy and Sensitivity 

An essential feature to look for in a noise monitoring device is how well it can detect and measure sound. You want to be sure that the smart technology is advanced enough to provide you with accurate and actionable data to make informed decisions. For example, if the noise monitor inaccurately detects noise when there is none, it could lead to unnecessary interventions or misunderstandings with guests. Conversely, you don’t want a noise detector to miss any noise disturbances as it can result in guest dissatisfaction or neighborly complaints. 

Understanding your desired noise monitor accuracy can be determined by its sensitivity to noise levels. Sensitivity is crucial for detecting a wide range of noise levels, including subtle disturbances that may indicate potential problems or nuisances. You want a noise monitor that can pick up even faint sounds, ensuring comprehensive coverage and early detection of noise disturbances. This is particularly important in vacation rentals where guests may have different schedules and preferences, and noise levels can vary throughout the day and night.

When choosing your noise monitor, look for multiple sensor placements to ensure you’re getting full coverage in certain areas of your property. Accuracy and sensitivity features offer you effective management of noise disturbances through reliable data collection.

monitoring noise in Airbnb

Real-Time Monitoring 

As an Airbnb host, you should consider real-time monitoring an essential feature because it provides instant updates on noise levels. This enables you to address issues immediately, ensuring guests have a peaceful stay. 

With real-time noise monitoring, hosts can intervene quickly if there’s a disturbance, preventing potential conflicts and negative guest experiences. This feature helps your property maintain a positive reputation, leading to more bookings, increased guest satisfaction, and the added benefit of being a good neighbor. 

Additionally, real-time monitoring allows hosts to track noise trends over time, enabling them to implement proactive measures to prevent future disturbances. 

Customizable Thresholds

Customizable thresholds are another important feature of a noise monitoring device because you can tailor the device to your specific needs and set noise levels that are acceptable for your property. If noise exceeds these levels, the device sends an alert. This helps you enforce quiet hours and maintain a peaceful environment in your vacation rental. 

By customizing thresholds, you can also accommodate different property layouts and guest preferences. This feature minimizes disruptions and potential complaints, aiding you in effectively managing your vacation rental business and providing a better experience for guests.  

Integration with Smart Home Systems

Smart home technology integrations allow seamless control and monitoring of your rental property as a whole. You can access noise data remotely and receive alerts on your smartphone or other devices. With smart home integration, you can manage noise levels and promptly address disturbances, even when not on-site. 

Privacy Considerations

Choose an Airbnb noise monitoring device that respects guest privacy by collecting and storing data securely. By making this feature a priority, you build guest trust and confidence. This can lead to more positive reviews, repeat bookings, and recommendations to friends and family. Additionally, adherence to privacy policies helps hosts comply with regulations and avoid potential legal issues. 

Airbnb host sharing noise monitor locations to guest

Understanding OTA Policies for Noise Monitoring Devices

When installing a noise monitoring device in an Airbnb or any vacation rental, hosts must be mindful of privacy regulations set by online travel agencies (OTAs) like Airbnb as well as local laws and regulations. Here are some general guidelines to ensure compliance:

  • Airbnb states that all monitoring devices must be identified and disclosed to guests before they book with you. Smart monitoring devices must only be installed in common areas like the kitchen or living room; bedrooms and bathrooms are prohibited. 
  • Vrbo’s official noise monitoring policy states that hosts may have these devices on their property as long as they only measure noise levels and do not record private conversations. 
  • As a general rule of thumb for monitoring devices, you should disclose the presence of any monitoring devices on your rental property in the listing description or house rules. This includes notifying guests of the type of device present, its purpose, and how the data collected will be used. 

Remember, respecting guest privacy at all times is a high priority when running a vacation rental business. Make sure to address any concerns or questions raised by guests regarding the presence of monitoring devices promptly and transparently. By doing so, you’ll minimize the risk of violating OTA regulations and ensure compliance with relevant privacy laws while still addressing noise concerns in your properties.

Efficiently Manage Your STR with Noise Monitoring Devices 

Noise monitoring devices are essential tools for effectively managing STR properties. From preserving guest safety and satisfaction to safeguarding against property damage and ensuring compliance with regulations, these devices offer numerous benefits that contribute to the success of your rental business. Choose the right noise monitoring device for your STR properties and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your guests’ experience is in good hands.

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