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Airbnb Amenities: What Do People Want in Their Airbnb?

When potential guests search for a home on sites like Airbnb or Vrbo, they filter for the homes with preferred amenities. In the competitive world of vacation home rentals, you not only want to make sure your rental has the basic necessities. You also want to ensure it has great stand-out factors as well. Here are the most sought-after amenities in a vacation rental.

By The Turno Team

Last updated: November 18, 2023

Essentials and Extras to Boost Your Airbnb’s Wow Factor

There are millions of rental properties on the market. For this reason, it’s essential to know how to set your rental property apart from the rest.

Adding amenities allows you to stand out from other rentals. Having a mix of inexpensive must-have items and unique, “wow factor” extras will optimize the guest experience. It will leave visitors ready to return for more.

Even better, a lot of the high-end Airbnb amenities have little to no upkeep. As an Airbnb host, not only do you want your guests to enjoy your vacation rental. You also want to ensure that you are making the best return on your investment.

Below, learn more about the best amenities for Airbnb no matter your budget or location.

Basic Amenities Guests Look for In an Airbnb

While Airbnb guests typically filter their property search to the number of bedrooms and bathrooms available, they are also filtering for basic amenities. These items have become standard for most properties, and offering them will make sure you cover your bases with the essentials.


Providing a parking spot is only necessary if you are in an area with limited street parking. Otherwise, street parking is acceptable.

Fast WiFi

Make sure your WiFi speed is fast. Many guests will become frustrated with slow WiFi or one that is hard to connect to.

Streaming Services

Many guests staying at vacation rentals are enjoying the outdoors or out on the town. Still, it is still recommended that your rental property has streaming services. After a long day, families and people traveling on their own will enjoy winding down with a movie or TV show.

We recommend including at least one of the following:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Disney+

Although cable is a great addition to any rental property, many guests enjoy using an actual streaming platform. It allows them to customize their experience and gives them the option to easily choose something of their liking.

Best Airbnb Amenities for Every Room

Below, we’ve compiled a list of must-have items to keep stocked in each room of your property. It’s designed to help you gain some insight into which Airbnb amenities guests love the most in a vacation rental.


Having a kitchen stocked with the basics is important in a vacation rental. Many guests choose to stay in an Airbnb instead of a hotel so that they can cook their own meals.

The most searched amenities to keep in your Airbnb kitchen include:

  • Coffee
  • A coffee maker
  • Cleaning supplies

Sometimes it can be hard to get up without that extra kick in the morning. This may be especially true for guests experiencing jet lag from traveling. This is why every vacation rental needs a coffee maker — plus coffee, sugar, and non-dairy creamer.

Having an inexpensive coffee maker at your property shows guests that you’re mindful of the little things. They’ll appreciate having their morning brew on hand and having to run out and buy a cup. Make sure to keep all appliances clean and replace them once they begin to show some damage.

To continue, cleaning products are an overlooked kitchen basic that is overlooked. If your guest spills something, make sure there are an all-purpose cleaner and paper towels to clean up the mess. If they want to hand wash dishes, make sure there is dish soap. Having these essential amenities available will be greatly appreciated by your guests and your cleaners.

You can have your Airbnb cleaning service notify you when the basics need to be restocked. An easy way to do this is through the Turno app.


There is nothing worse than running out of toilet paper. This is a bulk item that shouldn’t ever be in short supply at your vacation rental.

Also, think about shampoo, conditioner, and soap. Many guests will prefer their own, but make sure you keep something on hand. It’s common for guests to forget their toiletries or expect them to be available at the vacation rental.

Creating a little basket of travel-size bathroom goodies, including extra toothbrushes and toothpaste, will show you’ve gone the extra mile.

Living Areas

Adding a few special touches to the living areas in your Airbnb property can elevate your reviews. It will provide a positive experience that makes guests think “they thought of everything.”

Consider offering the following Airbnb amenities:

  • Map of Your City: This is a great visual aid for out-of-town guests to learn the informal geography. Many maps are nicely stylized, allowing them to double as a piece of art for your walls.
  • Local Magazines: Similar to a local map, having a few trendy local city magazines is a cool touch. They’re cheap to buy at a newsstand, and you only need to replace them every few months.
  • Scented Candles: A nice, lightly scented candle is a cheap and easy way to help guests elevate their nightly routine.
  • Travel Guide: Creating a travel guide for your Airbnb guests will help optimize their stay. Providing a local guide to restaurants, boutiques, and things to do is a great way to show off your city. This guide can also be used to inform guests of house rules and transportation information.

Laundry Room

Having to leave the rental and go to a laundromat in an unfamiliar area can be a huge headache for guests. If you have a washing machine and dryer in your unit, always keep plenty of laundry soap on hand.

Keeping this basic amenity stocked is also helpful for your vacation rental cleaner. They’ll be able to launder your Airbnb bedding and towels onsite instead of bringing them home or to a laundromat. This will save you time and the hassle of coordinating how and when your linens will be returned.

Best Amenities for Airbnb Based on Location

Whether your guests are visiting for a business trip or on vacation, it is important to have amenities relevant to your location. Here are some examples of location-based amenities that will create an efficient and enjoyable stay for your guests.

Beach Vacation Rentals

When guests visit a vacation home near the beach, they will be going back and forth between staying inside and doing water activities.

It’s important to have amenities that will make their experience hassle-free. For example, make sure to have beach towels and chairs readily available by the door. In addition, a map that shows the easiest route to the beach is useful for visitors unfamiliar with the area.

Finally, a cooler, some water toys, and even extra sunscreen are items that guests will be grateful for. Adding these small amenities to your beach vacation home can make a guest’s stay more comfortable and relaxing. Not to mention, it can prevent them from having to make extra trips to the store.

Beachfront houses. Photo by Sandra Seitamaa on Unsplash.

Lakefront Vacation Rentals

Though a lakefront vacation home is similar to a beach house, there are different amenities that will optimize guest experiences. If possible, having paddling equipment such as kayaks and paddleboards gives guests the opportunity to experience lake activities without the high cost.

Similar to the beach house, having a map that locates nearby lakes and activities will come in handy for guests. Include a list of what to bring, such as mosquito repellant, to help guests prepare for nearby attractions.

You don’t need to purchase expensive items out of your budget. Even offering things like nice beach chairs and lawn games can set you apart from other listings.

Vacation Rentals in Warm Climates

If you have a vacation home in a warm climate, make sure guests have a pleasant stay without worrying about the heat.

First, be sure to give instructions for the air conditioner or cooling equipment at your vacation home. In addition, make sure that guests can easily access cold beverages. Regularly check on your fridge’s ice machine to ensure that no problems will occur during a guest’s stay.

Vacation Rentals in Cold Climates

Many guests who live in a warm climate choose to vacation in a colder climate for a change of scenery. In this case, they may not be aware of amenities that will make their stay more comfortable.

Having amenities such as snowshoes, sleds, and toys for children will make a trip to a colder climate enjoyable. Give guests the option to enjoy a warm drink by supplying hot cocoa packets, tea bags, and an electric kettle. In addition, have detailed instructions about how to use heating controls to make sure guests stay warm.

Finally, provide a snow removal service so guests will enjoy their stay worry-free. This can be as simple as hiring a neighbor to shovel your home during snowy days or hiring a professional service.

Extra Amenities to Make Your Airbnb Listing Description Stand Out

While these things aren’t necessary, they are items that guests have cited positively in Airbnb 5 star reviews.

Outdoor Living Spaces

One way you can add value to your rental property is by providing a stylish and cozy outdoor space. Allowing your guests to relax on a chic private patio in the fresh air is a very important selling point. Vacationers are seeking a retreat, whether it’s for a weekend or two.

Some things to add to your outdoor living space include:

  • Dining table and chairs
  • Couch
  • Cooking area
  • Lounge chairs
  • Grill
  • Fire pit
  • Umbrella

Additionally, if your rental property is located near the beach or a lake, consider providing outdoor supplies. These may include beach chairs, outdoor umbrellas, and boogie boards. They’re great add-ons to help your guests enjoy their trip a little more and make your rental property stand out.

Special Accommodations

You can cater to specific types of guests by offering and advertising certain amenities. For example, you can make your property “pet-friendly” by providing a water bowl, food bowl, and treats. Keep in mind that extra cleaning protocols for pets will likely be needed as well.

Similarly, you can promote your family-friendly vacation rental by supplying toys, children’s books, and a Pack ‘n Play® Playard. It’s easy to appeal to remote workers and business travelers too. Offer laptop friendly charging stations, an iron and ironing board, and a desk or work area.

Other Unique Airbnb Amenities

  • Fireplace: Having a fireplace in your rental is a cozy touch to make the guest feel more at home.
  • Pool Table: It’s always fun to have different games to play in a vacation rental. A pool table is a great addition to a rental and adds character to the home.
  • 24-Hour Check-In: Allowing guests the flexibility to check-in at any time day or night is an extremely helpful option. It’s easy to do with a lockbox or keyless entry door.

The Most Important Airbnb Amenity: A Clean Property

You have your vacation rental amenities in check. Next, you’ll need to make sure your property’s cleanliness is held to a high standard.

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