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The Best Smart Thermostats for Airbnb and Vacation Rentals

For vacation rental owners and property managers, smart thermostats offer a variety of useful features that benefit both guests and hosts. This guide explores the business advantages of smart thermostats plus what to consider when choosing the right smart thermostat for your Airbnb.

By The Turno Team

Last updated: January 05, 2024

Why Smart Thermostats are Great Hosting Investments

For short-term rental operators, smart thermostats aren’t merely a tech-savvy add-on. They’re game-changing tools that support guest satisfaction and drive operational efficiencies. Smart thermostats help you deliver consistent comfort, which in turn increases your opportunity to boost repeat bookings and earn five-star reviews. Hosts who install smart thermostats in their Airbnb properties reap significant benefits:

Personalized Guest Comfort 

Smart thermostats empower guests to easily adjust the property’s temperature to their preferences, making their stay more personalized and enjoyable. No more hassling with hard-to-read dials or levers.

Some smart systems like Nest include a locking feature that allows the host (via mobile phone app) to lock the thermostat into a range so that guests can’t set the temperature too high or too low. This feature still lets guests personalize their comfort but within a range that remains energy and cost-efficient. 

Finally, energy-efficient homes align with modern guest expectations. Travelers are increasingly seeking eco-friendly accommodations. Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and carbon footprint reduction can attract environmentally conscious guests as well as enhance the overall appeal of your listing. 

Energy and Utility Cost Savings 

Installing a smart thermostat for your Airbnb can directly impact your bottom line. With advanced sensors and learning capabilities, smart thermostats help you optimize energy consumption and maximize savings on your energy bills. By reducing energy consumption and utility bills, your property costs become more predictable, helping further boost your profits.

Additionally, efficient energy use means less wear and tear on your HVAC systems. This helps to lower maintenance and replacement costs and extend your system’s lifespan, adding to your financial benefit.

modern farmhouse vacation rental interior living room space

Remote Control and Monitoring

Installing a smart thermostat in your vacation rental property gives you the ability to adjust the home’s temperature remotely, ensuring a welcoming environment for guests any time of the year. Simultaneously, remote monitoring capabilities provide real-time oversight, guaranteeing optimal comfort throughout their stay.

Smart thermostats also allow precise scheduling of heating or cooling cycles. This reduces operational costs and helps maintain your heating and cooling systems. Some smart thermostat models offer alerts for temperature deviations, notifying you of potential HVAC malfunctions or extreme temperature fluctuations. This preemptive feature allows you to address issues promptly, preventing guest discomfort and potential property damage.

Additionally, many smart thermostats provide detailed temperature history and reporting. You can track temperature trends, identify patterns, and ensure consistent comfort for your guests across different seasons or times of the day. This data helps STR operators make informed adjustments to enhance both guest satisfaction and system optimization. 

5 Best Smart Thermostats for an Airbnb 

Your Airbnb smart thermostat should fit the needs of both your guests and your property. Choosing the right thermostat for your location and property requirements will help protect your investment from weather-induced damage and simplify year-round comfort. 

Nest learning thermostat third generation smart thermostat

1. Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is a top choice for many vacation rental hosts. Its ability to learn guest preferences helps keep visitors comfy without requiring continual manual adjustment. This means every guest walks into a perfectly cool or cozy place without having to fiddle with the thermostat. 

Plus, you can control The Nest Thermostat remotely from your phone, anywhere at any time. Remote access is a key feature that helps you save energy when your property is unoccupied and ensures the temperature is just right when new guests arrive.

According to the manufacturer, the Nest Learning Thermostat is designed for easy installation and has helped homeowners save an average of 10% to 12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills. This smart thermostat also works with many types of heating and cooling systems and is compatible with Google Home.

ecobee smart thermostat premium

2. ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium

The ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium offers a range of features that can enhance the guest experience while delivering savings on your Airbnb utility costs. 

With its air quality monitoring and alerts, this thermostat helps you maintain a healthy indoor atmosphere by notifying you of potential issues so you can address them promptly. In addition, the ecobee SmartSensor helps manage hot and cold spots in essential rooms, ensuring every area of your space is comfortable for your guests.

The ecobee Smart Thermostat also includes voice command technology via Siri or Alexa. This allows guests to easily adjust the temperature, adding a modern and tech-savvy edge to your property.

Lastly, the thermostat serves a dual purpose as a base station and keypad for ecobee Smart Security. This multi-functionality adds an extra layer of protection to your property, offering both comfort and security in one device.

amazon smart thermostat

3. Amazon Smart Thermostat

If you’re looking to upgrade your property while reducing energy costs, the Amazon Smart Thermostat is another excellent option. According to EPA estimates, ENERGY STAR-certified thermostats like this one save users approximately $50 on yearly energy bills. 

On-the-go thermostat control is key for Airbnb hosts and property managers, and the Amazon Smart Thermostat links with voice-enabled devices like Alexa. Whether it’s Alexa setting the temperature via guest voice command or you managing the thermostat from afar via mobile app, the flexibility to remotely control your property’s temperature provides convenience and peace of mind. 

Bonus: After purchase, Amazon sends you details about available rebates from energy providers in your area, offering you the chance for additional savings on your smart thermostat investment. 

Honeywell Home smart thermostat

4. Honeywell Home

If you’re looking for a smart thermostat for your Airbnb that combines versatility, precision control, and convenience, Honeywell Home offers another great option. 

This thermostat is also Wi-Fi enabled and works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and other systems. Plus, the Honeywell Total Connect Comfort App allows you to manage your property’s temperature remotely. This flexibility ensures that your guests always arrive to a comfortable space. 

Honeywell Home Intelligent Alerts let you know when air filters and humidifier pads require changing. As a bonus feature, the Honeywell Home thermostat includes an onscreen daily weather forecast plus a 5-day forecast on the app, helping you monitor weather and temperature conditions from anywhere.   

sensibo sky smart thermostat

5. Sensibo Sky

The Sensibo Sky thermostat also offers STR operators a useful set of features to easily manage the temperature and comfort of your vacation rental property. 

Sensibo Sky’s combination of 7-day scheduling, geofencing, and filter cleaning alerts provide both convenience and money-saving benefits. By optimizing energy use and ensuring timely filter maintenance, this smart device can help you save on your Airbnb utility bills. With the Sensibo Sky thermostat, you can also trigger desired climate reactions with schedules and geofencing, maximizing comfort for your guests while saving on energy costs. 

Additionally, the Sensibo Sky thermostat allows you to remotely monitor your property’s temperature and indoor humidity allowing you to keep tabs on the conditions inside your vacation rental and ensure optimal guest comfort at all times.

What to Look for in a Smart Thermostat for Your Short-term Rental

When making any purchase that directly impacts guest comfort and experience, it’s important to do your homework. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right smart thermostat for your Airbnb: 

Ease of Use with an Intuitive Interface 

Airbnb smart thermostat devices ensure that even the least tech-savvy guests can adjust the home’s temperature without confusion. Intuitive interfaces help guests understand how to operate your thermostats quickly and easily. Consider purchasing a smart thermostat that has clear labels and an easy-to-follow user manual in case a guest needs some guidance. 

Integrations with Other Smart Home Devices 

When determining which smart thermostat is right for your Airbnb property, check for available integrations and compatibility with other systems in your home. 

Connectivity with popular smart home devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Apple Homekit can offer guest voice control and seamless coordination in adjusting the temperature, for example. Others to consider: 

  • Weather forecast services allow the thermostat to adjust the temperature settings based on upcoming weather conditions. 
  • Security systems integrations can allow smart thermostats to respond to triggers such as smoke or carbon monoxide detection by shutting off heating or cooling systems. 
  • Energy monitoring devices gain insights into energy consumption patterns, helping you make informed decisions about heating or cooling strategies that save energy and reduce costs.
vacation rental loft with lit fireplace in the living room

Remote Access and Control

Installing a smart thermostat in your Airbnb can make guest check-ins easier and set the stage for a cool or cozy stay. Most smart thermostats can be controlled remotely via apps, allowing STR operators to adjust temperature settings from anywhere. This aids in ensuring guests feel comfortable from the moment of check-in without anyone having to adjust the thermostat upon arrival. Some smart thermostats can even detect when people are nearby, ensuring the perfect environment when guests are present in the home. 

Learning and Adaptability

You’ll want to consider purchasing a smart thermostat for your Airbnb that can adapt to preferences over time. These learning-based thermostat devices create comfort profiles that enhance guest satisfaction without the hassle of adjusting the settings per guest. Several smart thermostat devices also incorporate dispersed sensors to determine room occupancy and adjust settings accordingly. These occupancy sensors allow you to further optimize energy usage and reduce utility costs. 


Before you buy a smart thermostat, you need to verify that it will work with your property’s HVAC system. There are different heating systems—some use low voltage (like furnaces), and some use high voltage (baseboard or in-floor heat). Know which type of system you have before purchasing a thermostat. 

Smart device compatibility is like matching puzzle pieces. If the products and technologies don’t fit together, they won’t work. Determining the requirements of your HVAC system is key to picking the right smart thermostat for your vacation rental.

Reliable Customer Support

Good customer support can be a make or break differentiator. If there’s a problem with the thermostat, reliable support can help you fix it fast. This is super important, especially for guests staying at a place with unfamiliar smart home devices.

Imagine arriving at a rental and not being able to adjust the temperature because the thermostat isn’t working properly. If the thermostat’s manufacturer offers top-notch customer support, you can easily reach out for help, ensuring the guest’s comfort without delay or frustration.

Efficient customer support acts as a safety net. It means you can feel confident you’re providing the best experience for your guests, knowing that if anything goes awry, assistance is just a call or message away.

Leverage Smart Thermostats to Enhance Guest Satisfaction

Smart thermostats are quickly becoming an essential investment for short-term rentals. The technology’s ability to seamlessly merge comfort, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal is reshaping guest expectations and host standards. Each feature, from voice control to energy usage reports, has the potential to redefine guest stays, enhance property appeal, and optimize operational costs. 

Ensure your vacation rental property is always ready for guests by hiring a professional Airbnb cleaner. Utilize your cleaner to make sure your thermostat is operating properly at every turn and that your guests are arriving to a comfortable environment.

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