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Ultimate Guide: Vacation Rental Naming and Branding

Plus, 70+ Vacation Rental Names to get you started!

By The Turno Team

Last updated: October 17, 2023

Whether you’re a brand-new host or a seasoned property manager, choosing the best short-term rental name can help drive both interest and revenue. A vacation rental name is more than a listing title – it’s the very first impression guests have of you, your business, and your property. In this post, we’ll discuss the importance of naming your Airbnb and how the best house names make listings more memorable, increase visibility, promote new bookings, and even help boost nightly rates. 

Why Vacation Rental Names Matter?

Reputation is the cornerstone of any business. Offering an outstanding stay ensures guests remember your property. And if they recall your place by a particular name? That name becomes synonymous with the quality you promise. Over time, this recognition evolves into a brand identity.  

Consider your property’s name as the foundation of your brand. It distinguishes your vacation rental property from others and can be a significant selling point. Invest time and thought into choosing a brand-building name for your rental home that helps your property shine in a crowded market. 

  • Marketing: A well-chosen name can make marketing and promotional efforts more effective. Your property’s name is powerful and can go places and interact with people you don’t. A distinctive name ensures your property is easily searchable on industry booking sites. Having an attention-getting rental name can pull a potential guest’s eye directly to your listing. 
  • Memorability: A unique and catchy name makes it easier for guests to remember and recommend your place. Imagine guests referring to your property with friends by saying they had an unforgettable time at the “Rustic Hillside Escape” instead of vaguely recalling it as the Blue House up from the main road. Memorability supports word-of-mouth marketing and is an important piece of your overall strategy. 
  • Brand Building: The name of your property is an integral part of your business’s brand. When chosen with intention and used consistently, it conveys the quality, atmosphere, and experience offered by your vacation rental. An effective vacation home naming strategy supports new bookings, higher nightly rates, and more return guests.
modern vacation rental in a wealthy suburban area

Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Rental

From a classy lake house to a quirky beach house, your property’s name should reflect its key features and feel welcoming to your guests.   

  • Reflect the Location: Beach house, lake house, mountain cabin, city loft—your property’s surroundings can inspire its name. For example, rather than a mundane “two-bedroom apartment in Paris,” how about “Parisian Panorama Loft?” By adding a touch of creativity or cultural nuance, you instantly boost your listing’s appeal. 
  • Consider the Architecture and Decor: A modern home could be “Sleek City Loft” while a rustic cabin might be called “Timbered Tranquility”. An easy test: if a vacation rental name feels like the experience of being in your place, even before seeing it, you’re on the right track.
  • Think of the Experience: What experience or activities does your home offer? Maybe it’s the breathtaking sunrise views or the serene backyard forest. Think about how the house will most often be used. Popular with watersports enthusiasts in the summer and ice fishermen in the winter? Consider lake house names that appeal to lake-loving guests. 

Pro Tip: Check Availability: Before settling, ensure the short-term rental name you like isn’t overly used or trademarked. Also, check the availability of domain names if you plan to set up a website.

Other considerations when naming vacation rental homes:   

  • Easy to Spell and Pronounce: Avoid complicated or unfamiliar words. Guests shouldn’t struggle to say the name and simple will serve you better over time.
  • Avoid Cliches: Names like “Paradise Villa” are overused. Strive for originality. Reflect on your property’s key features, location, or cultural attributes – decide what makes your place unique.
  • Keep it Short: Long names can be hard to remember and cumbersome in marketing materials. Also, platforms like Airbnb limit listing titles to 50 characters. Keep your name short so you can include it in your listing title along with the property’s most compelling attributes

Pro Tip: Yes, alliteration is ok when choosing your vacation rental names. As cheesy as it might seem, alliteration helps make names and phrases more memorable.

You Chose a Vacation Home Name…Now What? 

1. Set Up a Website: 

  • Personalized Domain: Purchase a domain name that directly reflects your property’s name. This not only appears professional but ensures guests can easily find you online. For example, if your rental is named “Sandy Shore Serenity”, a domain like `` would be perfect.
  • Design and Layout: Ensure your website is user-friendly and visually appealing. Use high-quality images of your property and include clear descriptions of your house. Ensure that your site looks good on your smartphone (is mobile-responsive) since many users will be browsing on mobile.
  • Testimonials and Reviews: Include a section where you can share guest reviews. Showcasing positive reviews on your website can significantly influence potential renters and help future guests picture themselves also having a wonderful experience. 
  • Local Attractions: Offer added value by including details about local attractions, eateries, and activities. This information can help guests plan their stay and make your website a useful resource. Your website is also a great place to call out partnerships you’ve built with local businesses (see “Collaborations and Partnerships” below).

Pro Tip: There are multiple plug-and-play website builder platforms available that provide simple, step-by-step website creation as well as hosting services. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of building a website – it’s less expensive and easier than you think! 

sleek, modern beach vacation rental house

2. Integrated Marketing:

  • Brand Consistency: Ensure that the name, logo, colors, and other vacation rental branding elements of your property remain consistent across all marketing channels. This includes online listings, social media, your website, and any printed brochures.
  • Social Media Presence: Create profiles that include your vacation rental home names on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. These platforms are fantastic for showcasing photos, promoting deals, and interacting with potential and past guests. Use your property name as the handle, for example, `@sandyshoreserenity`.
  • Email Campaigns: Consider sending emails for promotions, special rates, or seasonal newsletters. Always include your property’s name in the email’s subject line or banner to establish brand recall.
  • Collaborations and Partnerships: Partner with local businesses or attractions. This could be as simple as offering discount vouchers for a nearby restaurant or promoting an annual local event. Such collaborations can further establish your brand in the community, drive interest in your property, and help generate more bookings.

3. Get Inspired! 

To get the creative juices flowing, browse this list of naming ideas based on different types of vacation rentals or try your hand with an online name generator for vacation homes. Remember, don’t limit yourself to generalities. Look for ways to weave in something unique or personal about your property. 

Pro Tip: Incorporating the city, town, or neighborhood not only provides potential guests with an immediate sense of community but can also evoke memories, emotions, or images associated with well-known travel destinations.

Beach House Names:

  • <Neighborhood> Seaside Retreat
  • Oceanfront Escape
  • <Beach Name> Shoreline Villa
  • Sunset View at <City Name> Beach
  • Beachside Bungalow on <Street Name>
  • Golden Sands Getaway

Cabin Names:

  • Retreat in the <Area’s Name> Pines
  • <Mountain Name> Valley Cabin
  • Wooded Escape at <Town Name> Forest
  • <Street Name> Lodge
  • Stone Fireplace Hideaway
  • Whispering Winds Cottage
Rustic farmhouse on the lake surrounded by plenty of greenery

Lakehouse Names:

  • Lakeside Living on <Lake Name>
  • Clearwater Cottage
  • Blue Lake Stay on <Street Name>
  • Lakewood Home at <Town Name> Lake
  • <Lake Name> Rippling Retreat
  • Tranquil Waters Retreat

City Loft or Apartment Names:

  • Urban Outlook at <City Name>
  • Downtown Delight on <Street Name>
  • <City> City Life Loft
  • <Neighborhood> Hideout
  • Boulevard Breeze on <Street Name>

Farmhouses and Country Retreats:

  • Whispering Field Farmhouse
  • Silo Suite at <Town Name> Countryside
  • <County Name> Sunlit Meadows
  • Rural Comforts on <Street Name>
  • Orchard Home at <Town Name>

Mountain Vacation Homes:

  • Highland View <Street Name>  Mountain Retreat
  • Snowy Slope Sanctuary
  • Evergreen Home at <Town Name> Peaks
  • Terraced <Mountain Name> Outlook
  • Whispering Pines Cabin

Desert Retreats:

  • Sunlit Sands Escape
  • <Town Name> Desert Villa
  • Red Rock Retreat
  • Desert Oasis on <Street Name>
  • Golden Dune Suites
Vacation rental home outdoor patio

Tropical Retreats:

  • Island Comfort at <Town Name> Isle
  • Palmview Villa on <Street Name>
  • <Street Name> Tropical Home
  • Lush <Town Name> Getaway
  • Tropical Harmony on <Town Name> Beach

Historical Homes:

  • Heritage House of <Town Name>
  • <Neighborhood Name> Vintage Villa
  • Timeless Treasures on <Street Name>
  • <Town Name>` Legacy Lodge
  • Historic Haven at `<Neighborhood Name>

Penthouses and Luxury Condos:

  • Skyline Splendor of <City Name>
  • <Neighborhood Name> Elite Suite
  • Rooftop Respite at <Town Name>  
  • Prestige Penthouse on <Street Name>
  • Luxury Loft in <Neighborhood Name>

Country Cottages:

  • <Town Name> Tranquil Cottage
  • Pastoral Peace in <Neighborhood Name>
  • Country Comfort on <Street Name>
  • Meadow Muse in <Town Name>
  • <Neighborhood Name> Nook
suburban vacation rental home

Suburban Homes:

  • Suburban Serenity in <Town Name>
  • Family Friendly Find on <Street Name>
  • Cozy Corner in <Neighborhood Name>` Suburb
  • <Town Name> Homestead Harmony
  • Peaceful Picket in <Neighborhood Name>

Treehouses and Unique Stays:

  • Treetop Tranquility in <Town Name> Forest
  • Elevated Escape in <Neighborhood Name> Woods
  • Skyward Sanctuary on <Street Name>
  • <Town Name> Canopy Castle
  • Whimsical Woodsy Wonder in <Neighborhood Name>

Tiny Houses and Compact Stays:

  • <Town Name> Tiny Treasure
  • Compact Comfort in <Neighborhood Name>
  • Minimalist Marvel on <Street Name>
  • Tiny Tranquility in <Town Name>
  • <Neighborhood Name> Nifty Nook

Vacation rental naming is an important component of building your hosting business. It’s more than a fun and creative exercise; it’s a strategic piece of your marketing puzzle. Choosing the right rental name can elevate your property’s brand, memorability, and booking success. You’ve invested in your property’s quality, appearance, and maintenance. Take time to also invest in selecting a vacation house name that stands out to browsing travelers, fosters a sense of community and belonging, and resonates with the guests who choose to stay with you. 

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