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Turno + OwnerRez Webinar: 5 Mistakes Hosts Make When Automating Their Operations

Join our exclusive joint webinar with Turno and OwnerRez to discover strategies for automating your STR cleaning operations. Learn actionable tips for finding reliable cleaners, streamlining your workflow, and ensuring stress-free turnovers every time. Don't miss out on this opportunity to save time and improve efficiency. Register now!

By The Turno Team

Last updated: October 31, 2023

About the Webinar: Looking for a better way to automate your STR cleaning? Join us for an exclusive joint webinar presented by Turno and OwnerRez, where we will dive into the world of automating STR cleaning operations. Discover invaluable insights, actionable tips, and proven strategies that will empower hosts and property managers to save time, improve efficiency, and create stress-free turnovers.

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About OwnerRez
Experience the difference of “Elite.” OwnerRez is internationally recognized as a leader in the vacation rental industry for channel management, CRM, PM, accounting, messaging, and websites.

Integrate with all major vacation rental channels to seamlessly sync availability, rates, rules, and listing content. Get your own modern fast website, process payments directly, manage inquiries, communication, and guest checkout with e-sign renter agreements.

Seize this chance to learn from industry experts from Turno and OwnerRez and gain valuable insights that will transform the way you manage your short-term rental cleaning operations. Take the first step towards maximizing efficiency and ensuring a stress-free turnover every time.

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