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10 Top Podcasts for Vacation Rental Hosts

Airbnb podcasts are a great way to learn insightful tips from other hosts and stay updated on short-term rental trends. Whether you are starting or scaling your business, be sure to check out these must-listen vacation rental podcasts.

By The Turno Team

Last updated: January 26, 2024

Listen and Learn from the Best Short-Term Rental Podcasts

It’s no secret that there is a wealth of information available on how to start, manage, and succeed in the vacation rental industry. Sifting through the ever-growing library of blogs, books, and articles however to separate the good advice from the bad can be a challenge.

So, why not listen and learn straight from the pros? Short-term rental podcasts provide you with relevant insights, inspirational stories, and actionable advice for your vacation rental business, plus the convenience of on-demand listening.

For busy vacation rental hosts and property managers, listening to STR podcasts is an accessible way to spot new ideas and opportunities for growing your short-term rental business. Best yet, podcasts are downloadable making it easy for you to listen offline, anytime and anywhere.

Useful Knowledge You Can Learn From STR Podcasts

Similar to other industries and interests, Airbnb podcasts cover a multitude of topics. From beginning investors to seasoned professionals, there’s a vacation rental podcast for every level of listener.

A few of the helpful topics discussed on Airbnb podcasts include:

  • Resources and tools to help boost your listings
  • Ways to tackle challenges and be successful in your niche
  • Actionable advice on how to make a good investment
  • How to find and retain the perfect cleaner
  • How to boost guest satisfaction
  • How to deal with the stress of renovations
  • Running a vacation rental while traveling
  • How to be ahead of future trends
  • Interior design and decorating tips

The list of topics is endless! As you listen to the Airbnb podcasts highlighted below and other industry shows, you’re sure to discover and learn about topics vital to your vacation rental business.

Top 10 Short-Term Rental Podcasts For Airbnb Hosts

The industry continues to grow and change, and there are many vacation rental podcast hosts who enjoy sharing useful resources with other industry professionals like you. Let’s take a look at our top ten favorite Airbnb podcast picks.

1. Hospitality.FM

By: Wil Slickers

Wil Slickers, host of Slick Talk podcast on

Wil Slickers is a must-listen podcast host with years of hospitality experience. He worked at a Marriott Autograph Collection hotel in Spokane, Washington where he performed various roles. As a young hotel manager, he learned of Airbnb and saw it as his opportunity to step into business ownership and continue his hospitality career. 

After growing and honing his skills in hotel hospitality, Wil started managing properties and restaurants, while also establishing a podcast. Eager to grow his career and inspired by a Gary Vee and Tony Robbins video talking about focusing on something you’re passionate about, Wil bought a $25 mic, learned how to self-edit and publish episodes, and started sharing his learned expertise. Today Wil leads Hospitality.FM, a podcast network dedicated to content focused on hospitality professionals.

With a Hospitality and Revenue Management Certification from Cornell University, Wil produces content featuring interesting stories and helpful resources for vacation rental hosts and property managers. Between his two main shows, Slick Talk and Good Morning Hospitality, Wil says, “Listeners can expect to hear the deep dive episodes behind some of the greatest names in hospitality and what’s happening in our industry in real-time as the hospitality landscape is rapidly changing. This opens the door for deeper conversations beyond the audio.” 

2. STR Unfiltered 

By: Bill Faeth 

Bill Faeth, host of STR Unfiltered podcast

Starting his career in long-term rentals, Bill Faeth shifted his residential portfolio to short-term rentals when he noticed his friends were getting higher returns on their investments. Leveraging his experience in both short and long-term rentals, Faeth delivers actionable, straightforward advice to hosts on scaling their vacation rental businesses.  

STR Unfiltered launched in 2020 when Faeth was on Clubhouse with other rental industry coaches, educating others about financial strategies and building wealth through long-term investments.  

In STR Unfiltered, Faeth discusses the importance of treating your investments like a business, underwriting investments, and marketing. You can also learn greatly from episodes that tackle timely topics like regulatory challenges and legal considerations specific to short-term rentals.

3. Live and Let Thrive

By: Steven Suarez and Myka Artis

Suarez and Artis of Live and Let Thrive podcast

With a shared goal to create a sustainable source of income, Steven Suarez and Myka Artis combined their expertise and passion for real estate and the short-term rental industry to build their podcast. Both have unique paths and intentions in building a career in vacation rentals. However, Suarez and Artis saw success in rental arbitrage – the action of buying properties to sublet them on Airbnb. 

Live and Let Thrive began in 2017 and today boasts a content library of over 280 episodes, skillfully bringing together Suarez’s experience in producing podcast content with Artis’ knowledge of operating a vacation rental business to curate valuable, must-listen content. 

Suarez and Artis have crafted a podcast that showcases a holistic view of the short-term rental industry. Both state that “‘Live Let Thrive’ is more than just a podcast—it’s a resource for listeners to learn, grow, and navigate the short-term rental space with confidence, equipped with insights from our combined experiences.” On Live and Let Thrive, they dive into topics from creative property acquisition strategies to day-to-day operations. Their goal is to provide listeners with useful information to build profitable vacation rental businesses. 

4. Get Paid For Your Pad

By: Jasper Ribbers and Eric D. Moeller

Ribbers, host of Get Pad for Your Pad podcast

Get Paid for Your Pad is one of the leading Airbnb podcasts and a top information resource for hosts in the vacation rental industry. Jasper Ribbers entered the industry in 2012 when he decided to rent out his apartment via Airbnb while traveling. Ribbers recalls, “The results were amazing, so the rest is history.” Ribbers’ podcast partner, Eric Moeller, CEO of Overnight Success, has been a real estate investor and Airbnb manager for over seven years. 

Together, their breadth of expertise has created a listening experience for hosts worldwide. With over 600 episodes, Ribbers and Moeller offer their Get Paid for Your Pad podcast as a free learning tool for both new and seasoned vacation rental hosts and managers.

As Ribbers says, “From basic tips on how to list on Airbnb to high-level advice on how to scale your STR business, it’s all in there!”

5. The Real Estate Podcast

By: Brandon Turner, David Greene, and Joshua Dorkin

host of the Real Estate podcast

BiggerPockets’ The Real Estate Podcast offers listeners a broad range of real estate knowledge applicable to Airbnb hosting. It covers property investment strategies, financing options, and market trends, which can be adapted to optimize your Airbnb properties.

Listeners also gain insights into property management, including tips on tenant relations, property maintenance, and scaling their real estate portfolios. BiggerPocket’s podcast discusses rental property marketing, effective advertising strategies, and ways to attract and retain guests in a competitive market. 

Additional episodes have discussions on leveraging technology, data analytics, and industry tools to help you enhance the performance of short-term rental properties.

This podcast is designed to aid hosts in maximizing profitability while ensuring a positive guest experience. Learn from a wealth of interviews with successful investors and industry experts who share their experiences and actionable advice, offering valuable insights that you can easily implement.

6. Short-Term Rental Secrets 

By: Michael Sjogren and Emanuele Pani

Sjogren and Pani of Short term rental secrets podcast

Mike Sjogren and Emanuele Pani are vacation rental experts and coaches. Both are experienced in real estate and scaling Airbnb businesses to achieve financial freedom. 

With their first-hand experience and knowledge in the real estate industry, Sjogren and Pani explore ways to achieve big results. Their podcast features a wide range of expert STR guests, and Sjogren and Pani offer their listeners rich insights into industry news, financial issues, investment tips, and much more. 

Short-Term Rental Secrets podcast is a great source of information for any ambitious business owner — including vacation rental hosts! 

7. Thanks For Visiting

By: Annette Grant and Sarah Karakaian

Learn from two Airbnb Superhosts how to operate a high-touch and profitable short-term rental business by listening to Thanks For Visiting

Podcast co-founders Grant and Karakaian offer listeners a wealth of practical and actionable tips for building a 5-star, cash-flowing asset. Discover effective ways to curate memorable guest experiences and how to boost repeat bookings. 

With eight-plus years of experience in operating profitable vacation rental properties, Grant and Karakaian’s podcast is an entertaining and educational resource for hosts. Guest episodes also include advice from short-term rental experts and industry coaches. Discover success stories from other hosts like you and get inspired to optimize your vacation rental profitability.

8. Vacation Rental Ninjas 

By: Paul Hanak and David Thompson

vacation rental ninjas podcast logo

The Vacation Rental Ninjas podcast offers Airbnb hosts valuable marketing resources and actionable tactics. It covers strategies to boost property visibility, attract guests, and maximize bookings. From optimizing listings with eye-catching descriptions to leveraging social media for targeted marketing, the Vacation Rental Ninjas podcast delves into marketing and branding techniques. 

Listeners learn about pricing strategies, guest communication, and the importance of quality customer service. The podcast also discusses the significance of staying updated with industry trends and adapting to changes in the vacation rental industry.

9. No BS Short-Term Rental Podcast

By: Mateo Bradford and John Stokinger 

Bradford and Stokinger, hosts of No BS Short Term Rental Podcast

Topics ranging from effective property management techniques and optimizing guest experiences to handling challenging situations with guests or properties are featured on the No BS Short-Term Rental podcast. 

Mateo Bradford and John Stokinger discuss how hosts can refine their hospitality skills, streamline operations, and implement innovative marketing strategies to stand out in Airbnb’s competitive market. They explore real-life scenarios, success stories, and industry expert interviews, providing practical tips and actionable advice. Additionally, technology and tools relevant to Airbnb hosting are mentioned throughout their episodes. 

10. No Vacancy 

By: Natalie Palmer 

No Vacancy with Natalie Palmer is a must-listen resource for new vacation rental hosts. Palmer’s podcast offers you a behind-the-scenes view of how to set up and run a successful short-term rental business. 

As an Airbnb Ambassador and Superhost, Palmer offers firsthand insights into how she operates eight vacation rental properties remotely while being a full-time parent. Her philosophy is to “make your STR business work for you and your lifestyle, not the other way around.” In No Vacancy, Palmer goes in-depth on common beginner mistakes to avoid, tips to streamline your operations, and business-building advice on how to increase bookings and at higher rates.

Why Listen to a Podcast on Airbnb Vacation Rentals?

Making a habit of listening to podcasts focused on Airbnb vacation rentals can help you stay on top of current trends and develop a deeper understanding of the most relevant happenings in the short-term rental industry.

As a growth-minded vacation rental owner or property manager, you’re likely always looking for resources to help you promote, grow, and enhance your business. Listening to Airbnb podcasts can build your knowledge on the go — while commuting, taking a walk, or working around your home.

Get Inspired and Grow Your Vacation Rental Business

Listening to these fantastic Airbnb podcasts will leave you inspired to grow your business and provide you with a holistic view of the news and updates affecting the vacation rental industry.

Being guided by some of the most respected podcast hosts will give your vacation rental business an edge. You’ll learn real-life tips and advice and gain a well-rounded knowledge of the market. Happy listening!

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