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7 Clever Ways to Declutter an Airbnb

Whether you have a large or small Airbnb property, every size of space can benefit from decluttering. The timeless saying less is more couldn’t be more true for a vacation rental property. The following will identify areas that need decluttering and how to work with hosts on Airbnb organization.

By Denise Langenegger

Last updated: June 16, 2023

What Does it Mean to Have an Organized Airbnb? 

Airbnb storage can be used in many ways. In order to have an organized Airbnb, you’ll want to utilize the spaces provided to you. These spaces can include an Airbnb owner’s closet, additional shelving in the laundry room or bathroom, or drawers. 

An organized Airbnb means that items – linens, towels, extra bedding, or supplies – are properly stored and sorted away. Organization aids in giving your work a final touch of high-end quality that hosts appreciate. 

Bathroom drawers pulled out showing use of organization bins to declutter the bathroom.

The Importance of Maintaining an Organized Airbnb 

For hosts, an organized Airbnb can be more inviting and create a more comfortable space for guests. 

Maintain an organized Airbnb to eliminate the stress of having to deep clean every turnover. 

As an Airbnb cleaner, you are able to keep up with your host’s desired organization. Once you are familiar with your host’s organization methods, you will be able to consistently store, sort, or restock necessary supplies in an efficient manner. Cut the time it takes to reorganize your host’s supplies by simply maintaining what they already have established. 

Airbnb Organization Ideas to Declutter Your Property

Vacation rental hosts worldwide have experimented with different ways to set up, organize, and declutter their Airbnb for the best success. As an Airbnb cleaning business, it is important that you maintain your host’s expected level of organization. 

Clutter is not attractive to guests, so a fine line needs to be walked when getting an Airbnb property guest-ready.

1. Put Necessary Things In Plain Sight

Two areas of an Airbnb that can feel cluttered most easily are the kitchen and bathrooms.

Both of these areas are likely to accumulate more items than you actually need to be out. Ensure guests don’t feel crowded or uncomfortable in these areas by placing the items they may need in plain sight. Store things in logical locations, and keep the items that guests will use frequently on the countertops.

Depending on what type of items are included within your property, some things need to go into the cabinets or drawers. This is just fine, but it’s important to make sure that the most used items are somewhere that they can find easily.

Guests may feel uncomfortable digging through drawers to find what they need. Storing commonly used items in logical places helps eliminate guests’ frustration as they try to find something.

Next up on the decluttering list is the bathroom. 

Open shelving in the bathroom is a great way to ensure towels, hand towels, hand soap, hairdryers, and more are within easy reach. If you don’t have a linen closet in the bathroom, consider adding storage over the toilet or a towel ladder to create visual interest and display towels neatly.

While you want to keep everything needed for use in plain sight in both the kitchen and bathroom, if it isn’t something that your guests will need to use, put it away!

2. Basket it Up!

A big part of decluttering doesn’t have to be focused on throwing items away. Instead, it is about finding more logical homes for items.

One of the best ways to do this in an Airbnb is to use baskets to help organize the space.

Look for unique opportunities to incorporate baskets. Place nice wicker, wood, or wire baskets on the countertops in the bathroom. These open shelves in the bedroom. Under the beds are also great ways to add additional storage. When you choose to have baskets designated to hold something specific, it may ultimately help you decide what items to keep and what to part with as supplies start dwindling. 

For example, if you organize your Airbnb spice collection using a basket or other storage solution, you will likely soon realize that you may have too much of a certain item. Baskets force you to work within boundaries. If it doesn’t fit or you have too much of something, eliminate it or find an alternative solution.

Best areas of an Airbnb space to implement basket organization:

  • Kitchen – Standard cooking spices, coffee, and tea supplies, and basic condiments in the refrigerator.
  • Bathroom – Towels, washcloths, extra toiletry items, hairdryer, extra toilet paper, and cleaning supplies if guests need to do a quick clean-up during their stay.
  • Bedroom – Extra blankets and pillows.
  • Living Room – Magazines, local guides, and remote controls.

Utilize baskets in these areas to help you to see the space in a new light and get a better idea of what does and does not fit in the room. When it’s time to organize and clean between guests, everything can have its place.

Airbnb cleaner organizing a closet with baskets.

3. Track Backstock Inventory

Focus on your backstock inventory as another way to organize an Airbnb. As a vacation rental cleaner, you know you will need plenty of extra items on hand at all times. Ensure everything has a place to help you keep track of inventory and help cut down the clutter.

Don’t let your backstock items become a financial burden to your hosts. Bedding and towels will need to be replaced more frequently and often come with a higher price tag. Notify your hosts as soon as you see backstock items running low or losing their quality. 

4. Empty Out Drawers, Closets, and Shelves

Guests are used to filling their shelves with personalized items like picture frames, decorations, and knickknacks to help fill the space.

Hosts organizing their Airbnb may be tempted to fill up space, but this would create a very cluttered atmosphere for guests. As the cleaner, you are a business partner with your host. If you notice the shelves are full of knickknacks, make a suggestion to declutter the space for your host. Leaving plenty of room for your guest’s items is essential.

Places where your guests should have sufficient space for their items:

  • Closets – Whether it is a bedroom closet or an entry closet, guests will need room to hang clothing, outerwear, and store shoes.
  • Drawers – In addition to space to hang items, giving guests additional space in the bedroom or bathroom drawers is also important.
  • Bathroom – Having an area in the bathroom for guests to place personal items is also great. 

Even if you have a small space without much countertop area, look for creative ways to add smart storage solutions to the bathroom.

5. Hang it Up

Another great decluttering tip is to incorporate more ways to hang things. It might not be your first instinct, but hanging things helps spread things out while also keeping them very accessible.

Add some hooks in the kitchen for oven mitts, cooking utensils, and other items that should be easily accessible. This also works great for displaying functional items that also look nice.

Increase your cabinet space by adding an easy-to-install hanging rack on the door to free up more space. Include space-saving risers or under-shelf hooks to keep coffee mugs orderly.

Storing aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and plastic bags can benefit from a door-mounted organization system rather than cramming them into a drawer.

This tactic can be applied in every room of a vacation rental property. Take time to identify other items throughout the property that could benefit aesthetically or functionally by being hung up.

As a bonus, cleaning an Airbnb gets much more manageable when things have a designated spot! An organized Airbnb property only makes cleaning easier and more efficient. Keep the hung-up items in their designated areas so each turnover you are aware of what needs to go where after cleaning. 

Airbnb cleaner with a shocked expression holding hands on either side of her head with brown boxes behind her.

6. When in Doubt, Get Rid of It

Minimalism is key for hosts. If and when you suggest decluttering methods to your host, make sure to include items that you think are unnecessary. Don’t throw away anything that the host hasn’t approved for removal. Always mention that any items could be donated, as well. 

7. Create Hidden Storage Spaces

A common problem for hosts is figuring out where (and how) to store extra items. A stash of toilet paper or extra cleaning supplies is great but can quickly clutter your Airbnb. 

One way to fix this is to set up an area where you can store items that the guests cannot access. A hallway owner’s closet that can be locked, for example, is a great place to hide the following:

  • Extra bedding, towels, washcloths, etc.
  • Backup cleaning supplies
  • Bulk toilet paper, soap, and other toiletry items available for guests
  • Extra copies of guest instructions and guidelines

Determine what items could be easily tucked away that are not necessary for your guests. Some items are convenient to keep on-site but don’t need to be accessible to your guests and can easily be hidden away. If you don’t have a closet that locks, consider installing a lock or getting a wardrobe that locks to hide away these items.

The Easy Way to Help Declutter Your Airbnb

Airbnb organization is crucial to both the host and the cleaner. As a professional Airbnb cleaner, you have an opportunity to work with your host to elevate their property with high-quality services. 

Download Turno, the app, today to connect with hosts in your local area. Create checklists, automate your schedules, track inventory, and more through our user-friendly software. 

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