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Budget-Friendly Bathroom Makeover for Under $100

Updating your vacation rental doesn't need to be costly. Find out how to design a budget-friendly bathroom for under $100.

By Makela Lyons

Last updated: December 07, 2021

First impressions are essential when staying at an Airbnb. The difference between an ordinary bathroom and a thoughtfully designed bathroom can make all the difference. Thankfully, there are plenty of budget-friendly options to help you remodel and up your vacation rental game.

Have you ever been pleasantly surprised walking into a bathroom that exceeds expectations? You would have settled for the basic amenities but instead were given a space for relaxation and comfort. 

Bathrooms can serve as more than functional. They can have an aesthetic appeal as well, whether through smells, lighting, or decoration. For instance, brightly lit rooms make spaces seem larger than dimly lit rooms; this can be used to your advantage. Additionally, you can use lighting and smells to influence positive emotions by burning a warm scented candle.

Sometimes minor upgrades are all that’s needed to transform your bathroom into one that is unrecognizable. The best part is, you don’t have to break your budget in the process. Below you will find out how to make your bathroom dreams possible for as little as $100. 

Product Checklist

  • Proper lighting 
  • Basket for toilet paper 
  • Shelves 
  • Towels
  • Decor
  • Matching glass bottles
  • Fresh paint / wallpaper 

Proper lighting

Price: $7

Generally, bathrooms do the best with cool/white light since it comes the closest to mimicking daylight. 

Especially when working with a smaller bathroom, proper lighting can be used to your advantage. While a dim light will make a space seem smaller and moodier, bright natural light can open up a space and add energy. 

Natural light not only brightens a room, but it’s also the best kind of light for applying makeup. Makeup should appear flawless whether you’re inside or outside. The right toned lighting can make this possible.

Next is deciding what lighting is best to transform your bathroom. Here are a few things to consider. 

Light bulbs vary on their Kelvins, the unit of measure for color temperature, and CRI, or their color rendering index. A higher Kelvin temperature will appear brighter and have a whiter light output. Additionally, light bulbs with a higher CRI will come the closest to natural light. 

When choosing the best bulb for your bathroom, you should be between 2,700K and 3,000K and measure 80 CRI or more. 

Upgrade your lighting with this $7 option from Amazon.  

Basket for toilet paper 

Price: $13

Every bathroom should have extra toilet paper for guests. However, storing toilet paper rolls in plain sight can be an eyesore.

How can you turn something unattractive into a visually pleasing piece for a bathroom? 

Something as simple as a basket can be the solution. Baskets are usually a cheap option and they do the best at diverting attention to something more visually pleasing.  

Organizing toilet paper rolls, if not done correctly, can look cluttered and take up space that has potential to add to the room. Baskets come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and can be the addition your bathroom needs. 

Turn an amenity necessity into part of your bathroom design by incorporating baskets to your bathroom with this budget-friendly option from H&M.


Price: $13

Shelves are great for displaying creative bathroom additions. Depending on the space, you can choose between floating shelves or floor shelves.

With limited counter space, trying to fit too many decorative items in a small area may look cluttered. Shelves are a great way to prevent this cluttering. 

Counters are great for small jars holding bathroom products, a candle, or even a plant vase. Larger decorations such as books, art pieces or pictures, large jars, or even just plants can fit better on shelves. 

Shelves help to bring attention to other aspects of the bathroom. For instance, instead of having a plain wall, you may break it up with two stacked shelves that highlight art. 

There are many budget-friendly bathroom options for shelves, such as this $13 shelf at Amazon. 


Price: $20

Towels are a great way to add a pop of color to a bathroom. If going with a more neutral theme, towels can be the perfect choice of an accent color. 

Additionally, towels can also help enhance the atmosphere. However, this doesn’t have to be determined by the price or quality of the fabric. The magic is in folding and rolling techniques.

The easiest way to upgrade the appearance of cost-efficient towels is all in the presentation. 

Knowing some folding and rolling techniques can add to the experience of your bathroom. Therefore, instead of stacking towels or hanging them over a rod, use the opportunity to add an aspect of design. 

You can start your transformation with this $20 towel set from Wayfair, along with your favorite folding or rolling techniques.


Price: $4 and up

The best way to perfect your bathroom theme is with a bit of decor. Options vary and usually depend on the desired bathroom mood. 

Let’s say you want a beach-themed bathroom; you may consider adding shells, jars filled with sand, or vases with wispy grasses. It becomes more than a bathroom. It’s a place associated with fond memories. 

When creating a memorable bathroom, some great items include candles, books, plants, art pieces or pictures, jars, or flower vases. All of which are great additions to shelves, countertops, or above the toilet.

However, a bathroom can feel overcrowded with too many items in one place. When used correctly, decor can transform a plain bathroom into a creative space.

You can incorporate these jars for only $9 or purchase a candle for only $4.  

There are many budget-friendly options available online or in stores, however don’t forget to check out second hand stores in your area. Second hand stores have the possibility of great finds for unbeatable prices.

Matching glass bottles

Matching counter pieces help to add unity and design to countertops.
Photo by Monstera on Pexels

Price: $7

Creating an atmosphere of organization and consistency is important to be visually pleasing. 

Decorations are great ways to tie together your bathroom around a common mood or theme. You don’t want something as small as a plastic soap bottle to disrupt that balance.

Matching glass bottles are a great way to design your counters without taking up space. 

What would you be more attracted to, a space with no unity where items are all different colors and designs, or a space with patterns and similar color pallets. Changing soap containers to fit the look of your bathroom is the easiest way to be visually appealing. 

One affordable option is this glass soap dispenser from Humble Earth Co. for only $7.  

BONUS: Fresh paint / wallpaper 

Price: Paint $16 per quart and $34 per gallon, Wallpaper $0.50 per square foot

Color is an easy way to brighten and add life to a room. Adding an accent wall or doing a complete upgrade can be the difference your bathroom needs. 

Deep tones or pastel colors are easy ways to make your bathroom stand out. The difference between walking into a plain bathroom and one with color is its influence on your mood. Any theme, whether it’s tranquil or lively, will help you make your bathroom memorable. 

Accent walls can also break up the space or make desired features the focal point. Consider making a vanity mirror, for example, the focal point, by standing it against a color. 

When picking your paint, bathrooms do the best with semi-gloss or gloss paint. This is because bathrooms having natural humidity need paint that can resist moisture and avoid mildew growth. If you decide to use wallpaper, vinyl is water-resistant and can be easily wiped down. 

The Home Depot offers affordable paints starting at $16 for a quart and $34 for a gallon. If you decide to choose wallpaper, Wayfair has cheap options for $0.50 per square foot.

Wrapping Up

Creating an attractive bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive. Minor upgrades may not seem significant, but combined, they can transform your bathroom into an unrecognizable one. The best part is that you can make your bathroom memorable for only $100 with our budget-friendly resources. If you would like more tips on how to avoid cluttering during your bathroom makeover, check out 6 Clever Ways to Declutter Your Airbnb.

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