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Founded by Wil Slickers, Hospitality.FM is passionate about and dedicated to bringing the best hospitality-focused podcasts to those in and around the industry.


Hospitality.FM leverages Wil’s ample hospitality experience, knowledge, and networking to help short-term rental hosts and property managers to stay up to date with major trends in the industry and take their short-term rentals to the next level.


Turno is proud to work with Hospitality.FM to provide content for those within the short-term rental industry and other segments of hospitality. For example, in our eBook How to Start an Airbnb: The Complete Guide for New Hosts, Wil provided insightful and actionable tips for hosts and property managers looking to scale their short-term rental businesses.

The Complete Guide for New Hosts

Learn how to finance your property, market your brand, automate your cleaning, and so much more.

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